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Calvin ッ
Last Activity:
Apr 27, 2017 at 3:43 PM
Mar 1, 2015
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Blog Posts:
Nov 17, 1998 (Age: 18)

Calvin ッ

Death Drop!, 18

! Apr 11, 2016

Calvin ッ was last seen:
Apr 27, 2017 at 3:43 PM
    1. Calvin ッ
    2. Sword Master
      Sword Master
      May I co-host Star Wars mafia with you? I always had an idea to do a SW style mafia game.
      1. Calvin ッ
        Calvin ッ
        Sure thing bub, if you have any ideas let me know. For now its just a title, nothing else to it.
        Apr 9, 2016
        Sword Master likes this.
    3. Skullcrow
      1. Calvin ッ
        Calvin ッ
        I may not have seen this...

        Apr 9, 2016
      2. Skullcrow
        I've already forgotten what I was going to say then, if so, but hi!
        Apr 9, 2016
    4. Zexy
      I can help with TCG mafia. Start conversation if interested.
      1. Calvin ッ
        Calvin ッ
        Sorry Zexy! I cant see my VM's on Tapatalk, so I missed this :/
        Mar 18, 2016
    5. returnofMCH
      where are you in FE mafia?
      1. Calvin ッ
        Calvin ッ
        Dec 28, 2015
        returnofMCH likes this.
    6. Zexy
      Hope you get well soon...
    7. Lysson
      Happy Birthday :D!
      1. Calvin ッ
        Calvin ッ
        Im sorry I never saw this, but thankyou so much!
        Nov 23, 2015
        Lysson likes this.
    8. TheCapsFan
      V. I posted in-thread but I wanted to remind you.
    9. Sword Master
      Sword Master
      Hey! I haven't got my role PM yet. I just thought I should tell you in case.
    10. Noivern
      Hi there! Have we met before?
    11. Calvin ッ
      Calvin ッ
    12. Beautiful Savage
      Beautiful Savage
      Hey thanks for the welcome to URPG, I'd reply to your PM via PM but apparently I can't until I have 10 posts. But yeah, thanks. Any advice for the new guy?
    13. Ash K.
      Ash K.
      In case you forgot and missed the claim post, you gifted Skuntank to Truly in Spring Gift Station.
    14. Sukena
      as you are a fan of Dortmund: Do you live in Germany too?
    15. Soulmaster
      Just to let you know I will gone until Monday. I will have limited access so don't expect too much activity from me for the first day or two.
    16. RainbowSkittles
      Yes though landing takes a bit of practice and timing
    17. swiftgallade46
      No worries! I know you weren't ignoring, I was just making sure you read it before you continued bidding since most of your bids are invalid =P. Just remember that you can't bid with money you don't have yet even if you think you're getting it in the future. You can choose to keep your bids valid as long as they don't add up to more than 8K, but you'll have to delete the other ones.
    18. swiftgallade46
      Hello, my apprentice! Just a heads up, it looks like you've bid in the auctions which is great but the total you've bid across all 3 forums is more than what you have in your stats. It comes out to 10.5K while you only have 8. It's no biggie cause you probably didn't know, but just make sure you're not overbidding!
    19. Isaac Gates
      Isaac Gates
      Just wanted to say welcome to the forums and more specifically the RP forums! Hope you have a great time while you're here! If you have any questions or want a friendly chat, then ask me and I'll be happy to help!
    20. Detective Calvin
      Detective Calvin
      Hey, just reminding you of your reservation in my RP.
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  • About

    Nov 17, 1998 (Age: 18)
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation II (Game Boy Color)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Mareep / Merriep


    Regular in The War Room, we are a nice bunch, so come play a game with us :D