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Feb 24, 2017 at 4:37 PM
Oct 18, 2012
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Going up the down pillow

Esserise was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Feb 24, 2017 at 4:37 PM
    1. Morningstar
      Accurate avatar is accurate.
    2. TechSkylander1518
      Oh, man, your avatars are always awesome, but this one really takes the cake!
    3. Tuoko
      Pfft. Your avatar is hilarious.
    4. Silktree
      It seems that some people have entered anti-Kanto mode in full force.
      1. Esserise likes this.
    5. Eggseggseggseggs
      I see you have taken a liking to Xurkitree. I know you love Pyukumuku too. You have very good taste! What are your other s/m mon?
      1. Esserise
        My other favorites would have to be the entire Litten line, Lycanroc (both forms), Mareanie, Mudbray/Mudsdale, Lurantis, Steenee, Passimian, Sandygast/Palossand, Mimikyu, Bruxish, and Dhlemise.

        And as far and Legendaries and UBs, I really like both Solgaleo and Lunala, as well as Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini (Tapu Lele is fine but I don't like it as much as the others), and then Nihilego (of course), Buzzwole, and Pheromosa.

        EDIT: Oh, and the Jangmo-o line has grown on me quite a lot, too.
        Nov 30, 2016
        Eggseggseggseggs likes this.
    6. Silktree
      It figures that some people would complain about Sun and Moon getting a third version over XY. I won't deny that XY are the games that "need" it more, but this move is not about "fixing" anything. It is childish to see it that way.

      Sun and Moon are obviously easier to upgrade than XY are, and a lot more people are interested in them. That's all there is to it.
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      2. Silktree
        >Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Crystal say (or imply) that it was indeed Lugia who caused the storm? I've always thought that Lugia was the one that started it, but I can't remember if I just made that up myself or if I got that from the games.

        Crystal barely references Lugia: "At the time, an immense, silver-colored Pokémon was said to make its roost atop the Brass Tower. However... About 150 years ago, a lightning bolt struck one of the towers. It was engulfed in flames that raged for three days. A sudden downpour finally put out the blaze. And that is how the Burned Tower came to be."

        To infer from this alone that Lugia is the one responsible for the lightning is a bit of a leap. But combined with the SoulSilver lore, a case could be made.

        > It's got all the time in the world to jump through eras and sow discord. Hypothetically, it could even be behind historic conflicts in other regions.

        It would only bother creating strife between people and legendaries to put the latter on its side. So I can't really think of other examples. AZ's war, for instance, wiped out Pokemon, which is not something Neo Celebi would want. Likewise, the wars involving Reshiram and Zekrom pit the two against each other, rather than both against people.

        And come to think of it, maybe it is more elegant for Neo Celebi to only care about Kanto and Johto, and possibly their surroundings, rather than the entire world. Even if the plague wiped out Pokemon all over the world, the root of it lies in Kanto. So killing just the people in Kanto and adjacent regions should be enough to save Pokemon and create a utopia for them. Sure, people from other regions probably wouldn't let that fly, but as a starting point it should be enough. If other regions waged war against Neo Celebi, it would manipulate their own Pokemon against them. Perhaps that is what happened in the HGSS timeline over an extended period.

        >I don't have too much of a preference, but I wouldn't mind shifting this to your sequels thread if you wanted it to have more visibility.

        As I said, dumb comments bother me.

        >Maybe Stars won't be about Necrozma - maybe it could still have the same layout as SM, with Necrozma showing up at the end of the UB episode. Then it could follow Lillie and Lusamine to Kanto, as you first guessed.

        I don't see why they would do that rather than using Kanto for the main story. Plus, why move onto the Switch in this generation just for the sake of a third version with a juicy post-game?

        The TCG paired Kyurem with Mewtwo in 2011. What they're doing now is less random if they're trying to promote Ho-Oh being in the movie and Necrozma being in Stars. That doesn't mean that Ho-Oh will be in Stars or that Necrozma will be in the movie.

        Finally, I can't see Ho-Oh having a big role in a Johto-less game. And while prism and rainbow may fit each other as images, what kind of story could be created around them?
        Feb 22, 2017 at 10:16 PM
      3. Esserise
        > To infer from this alone that Lugia is the one responsible for the lightning is a bit of a leap. But combined with the SoulSilver lore, a case could be made.

        I guess I did just come to that conclusion independently, then. As for the idea of merging the two - the tower burning and the Whirl Islands storm - I definitely think that works. I'm not sure it was Game Freak's intention to imply it*, but it unifies the mythology of Johto in a way that crucially involves both of the tower birds within a duality (destruction/rebirth in this case), which is a template seen in other legendary duos that they've kinda lacked. Not that I ever had a problem with them being only loosely related, but I can see there being a desire to give them something more concrete in light of how they've handled Legendary Pokémon since then.

        * Though, it not being GF's intention doesn't really matter. I think they've demonstrated a decent knack for merging seemingly disparate or obscure plot threads and details, so even if they weren't thinking of it like that back then, there's no reason they couldn't adopt that interpretation now.

        > It would only bother creating strife between people and legendaries to put the latter on its side.
        > So killing just the people in Kanto and adjacent regions should be enough to save Pokemon and create a utopia for them.

        Ah, good points.

        > As I said, dumb comments bother me.

        Fair enough.

        > I don't see why they would do that rather than using Kanto for the main story. Plus, why move onto the Switch in this generation just for the sake of a third version with a juicy post-game?

        Well, I wasn't really suggesting Stars + Kanto post-game. What I was getting as what that Stars would basically just be SM with some bonus features, and would still leave off in exactly the same way, with Lillie sailing off and Necrozma waking up and being seen by Looker. The next games would be the Kanto sequels, which would pick up on that and show Lillie in Kanto along with Necrozma's arrival. That's not how I'm hoping things play out, though. I'm just floating the possibility.

        But you're right. It does make sense for it to just be them coming at the promotion from two different angles.
        Feb 24, 2017 at 3:18 PM
      4. Esserise
        Oh lord. It seems the Riddler is back in action.
        Feb 24, 2017 at 4:19 PM
    7. Silktree
      For some reason I can't reply here or post anything too long. How do you do it?

      Anyway, I still think that a plot revolving around a deadly epidemic would be a very refreshing change of pace. Perhaps Lusamine ends up spreading her disease unintentionally? Maybe her symptoms will be even worse in Stars.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Silktree
        I am not sure that it's preferable to strike while the iron is out if the idea is to continue the Kanto/Johto promotion until late 2018 and even beyond. I think it would be fitting to announce sequels on the VC release date, as was the case for Sun and Moon. If they re-release GSC next year and use them to announce Stars... meh.

        Things are pretty confusing with the way they're simultaneously promoting a new generation alongside old ones. Granted, popular old Pokemon get toy releases pretty frequently, but an old generation being singled out is rare.
        Dec 10, 2016
        Esserise likes this.
      3. Esserise
        Ah! That's a good point. Obviously the VCs aren't very "big" releases in and of themselves, so like the RBY VCs, it makes more sense for them to be a supplementary companion piece, of sorts. With that in mind, maybe the idea behind the Go update (aside from the more major motivations) is simply to "reintroduce" the Gen II Pokémon to the public so that later announcements will have a foundation.
        Dec 10, 2016
      4. Silktree
        Yep. I think it's a way to make people nostalgic and just reminisce about Johto without capitalizing on it right away. That, and Go needs more content.

        I wonder if the next Go expansion will involve Generation VII, skipping over four generations.
        Dec 10, 2016
    8. Silktree
      Regarding your last question:

      To be honest, while I somewhat liked the idea of using Necrozma in Kanto rather than Alola, I can do without an "Ultra Beast threatens a region" plot again. They can take Lillie and Lusamine's story in a different direction... after tweaking the story we've already seen.
    9. Silktree
      Having to wait until 2020 for games that could actually bring something new to the table is a scary thought. 2021 might sound like a better fit for a Kanto/Johto return than 2018 chronologically speaking, but waiting that long would put a lot of potential to waste. Game Freak shouldn't take it for granted that people that started with Generation I will still have the same interest in the series as they do now.
      1. Esserise likes this.
      2. Esserise
        I think I can understand Stars as a strategic move, if their goal is to have something with exclusive content to put on the Switch while not alienating the people that already bought SM-3DS ("Hey, at least you're not missing a whole new game!"), while also being less work for themselves (I'd assume it's a bit safer to get their testing for the Switch done on a port-ish thing rather than a completely new, from-the-ground-up creation). That much I can understand, and hell, it may be the only instance in which I find a "third version" to be ethically tolerable.

        But there would *have* to be Kanto sequels in 2018. If SM are merely getting a third version rather than a sequel or a major rewrite or anything, then I cautiously assume that they wouldn't change Lillie's ending, but the payoff for that simply cannot wait until 2021. 2018 is the maximum limit that I can see for that. And I mean, if they want to play up Necrozma's importance a bit before sending it over to Kanto, then sure, why not I guess. Although - if Stars is going to expand on Necrozma and explain everything about it, would it then even be necessary for it to appear in the Kanto sequels?
        Nov 19, 2016
        Silktree likes this.
    10. Silktree
      Thoughts on my latest post in the sequel thread?

      I am honestly worried now. If Game Freak are resorting to a third version, DP remakes in 2018 wouldn't be surprising. And that would make a generation that started unpredictably wind up fairly similar to Generation III and Generation IV, ignoring the Switch transition (which isn't going to make anything better content-wise).
    11. Silktree
      You haven't replied to my post in the Kanto/Johto sequel thread yet. Fix that.
    12. Karamazov
      It's okay, we all had doubts about us having a lot of Pokemon. I'll help you eat those hats.
      1. Esserise likes this.
    13. Kazekage
      Hey! What do you say? Do you agree that the two new Grass 'mons were the best part of the reveal? :p
      1. Esserise
        The whole drop was pretty great, but yes, I think Steenee and Tsareena are my two favorites of the lot, and two of my favorite Gen VII Pokémon overall. :)
        Oct 15, 2016
        Kazekage likes this.
      2. Kazekage
        Same here. When Game Freak makes a good Pokémon, they really make a good Pokémon! :P
        Oct 16, 2016
        Esserise likes this.
    14. Meta Boss
      Meta Boss
      @Esserise From
      what I have researched, there seem to be other features that will probably not appear in SM either:

      Triple Battles
      Rotation Battles
      Pokemon Amie mini games (Pokemon Refresh doesn't seem to have minigames, just cleaning and feeding)
      Super Training minigame

      Other than those, I wonder if Soaring is returning...
      1. Esserise
        Triple/Rotation Battles could still be available in some capacity. They may have just been disabled as options for the Battle Spot. But I wouldn't be totally surprised if they removed them, given how little they seem to be emphasized in comparison to Singles/Doubles. Maybe they'll have a one-stop shop for them like they did in ORAS (for Rotation Battles, anyway), and with Inverse Battles in both Gen VI games.

        I don't think Soaring is coming back, and I actually never had a problem with that prospect. It just feels, to me, like Hoenn has a more accommodating layout for Soaring. It's one major landmass with a clear central fixture (Mt. Chimney), and then scattered islands on the fringes. Alola is four separate islands which all seem to be quite large and individually in-depth. It's hard to explain, but like, with Hoenn, you're mostly Soaring over the main landmass, but even if you're over the water, those are routes, with actual material to them. Given that we seem to traverse the Alolan Islands by boat, a lot of the water in between the islands is just empty space. They're not routes. There's just nothing to do. So going from one island to the other involves a fair bit of hovering over a filler ocean. If that makes sense.

        Besides, I don't think there would be any Mirage Spots in these games, which were half the whole incentive of Soaring. "Why not just use Fly?" "Because with Soaring, you can find secret islands!" Take that out, and you've just sort of got an elaborate version of Fly.
        Oct 13, 2016
        Meta Boss likes this.
    15. Desdar300
      Hey again Esserise, so my friend and I were running through that Corocoro that had the statement about " How will the Starters and Rockruff evolve" Then I noticed that the Middle stages bios all have something in common all and that's an "affection sentence" What I mean is that it talk about how the trainer himself can influence theses stages turn out.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Desdar300
        It's interesting , TPC didn't even hype up Rockruff's secret like Corocoro did let alone allude to what it might be so this might be the case with the Starters Final stages. It seems they just announce the concept to get it out there then move on. I think that the Starters having split forms or at least battle bond seem very likely since we don't know there secret yet.
        Oct 6, 2016
      3. Esserise
        Yeah, I do think it's notable that Corocoro is thus far the only place to mention this "secret," which means that it's not technically something known by anyone who doesn't subscribe to the magazine. Which in turn makes me think it may not be as drastic as we're thinking. Obviously Rockruff's evolutionary forms are unique, but then again, how exactly is that a secret that's "contained in its body"?

        So you know, come to think of it, I really could see it being something like a new evolution method. In the Rumors & Leaks thread, they're currently kicking around the idea that their evolutions might be influenced by having them hold a Z-Crystal. I'd like to borrow that idea and lay out some thoughts:

        1. We know that they're emphasizing the bond between us and the Starters. Lycanroc, if you read its forms' descriptions on the official site, has similar "affection sentences."

        2. Z-Crystals are energized by the bond between a Trainer and a Pokémon, and obviously, are this generation's equivalent of Mega Evolution. But, unlike Mega Evolution, Z-Moves are available to all Pokémon, including the Starters.

        3. Rockruff was curiously depicted as holding a Z-Crystal in its collar in that manga, but nothing so far has explained the meaning of this (at least not that I've heard).

        So, here's a thought - what if the "secret" is that the Starters and Rockruff all have some Rayquaza-like organ in their body that resonates with Z-Power? And what if you evolve them by leveling them up while having them hold a Z-Crystal? In this way, it could be said that their evolutions are "fueled" by the bond with us, being transmitted through the Z-Crystal they're holding?

        Unlike with Mega Evolution, even the new Pokémon have access to Z-Moves. They don't have to use Starters from a different generation (i.e., the Kanto Starters in XY) as a proxy to encourage us try out the new mechanic with our "Starter." And, we seem to run through the Akala Trials early on, probably before we've reached a point where our Starter is getting close to evolving into its final stage. So we should have the Grassium/Firium/Waterium early enough.

        Of course, after all of that, it sort of feels like little more than a way to "force" you to use Z-Moves, if evolving them by having them hold a Z-Crystal doesn't accomplish anything other than, you know, evolving them. So maybe they, as suggested in that thread, have an alternate form for their evolutions, which you obtain by evolving them while holding a Z-Crystal? And the ones that evolve without holding one would have a "standard" form.

        A problem I see with this is that you would think they would have mentioned it when they revealed Lycanroc, and at the moment, it's already wrapped up that extra lore about solar/lunar energy from Solgaleo/Lunala. Of course, it could be that the secret is different, but then again, what's in Rockruff's body that has to do with its evolution? And why have it hold a Z-Crystal in the manga art?
        Oct 6, 2016
        G-Panthera likes this.
      4. Desdar300
        Fascinating, according to the riddler the starters and rockruff do indeed share the same secret. The secret seems to be that if their bodies are influenced by Solgaleo and Lunala's presence in each respective version
        Oct 6, 2016
    16. Desdar300
      Hiya Esserise, I recently found out that Yukie Nakama had a hit song about the Moon which was her first major hit.
      That combined with all the other clues seems to point to a Dolphin Pokémon .
      Since they're associated with the Moon, popular water performers, and are often shown to be comedic in various media, and also have a connection with the Moon
      1. Esserise likes this.
    17. TouyaShiro
      Okay, your current avatar is the GOAT. Team Skull Trumpet!
    18. Muur
      Yancy is a waifu.
    19. poke trey
      poke trey
      Just came by to Hey there man!
    20. Reila
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