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New Pokémon Snap and Pokémon UNITE pick up nominations for The Game Awards 2021
  • 688
  • 0
It's 3 weeks out from the broadcast of The Game Awards 2021, and the nominees for the event have finally been announced. Two Pokémon titles this year, Pokémon UNITE and New Pokémon Snap, have picked up a single nomination each, improving on last year's single nomination of Pokémon Cafe Mix.
TheSpeedGamers Gen 4 & More Pokémon Charity Marathon begins December 17, raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • 789
  • 0
This December, TheSpeedGamers, a group of video game enthusiasts who play for marathon hours to raise money for charities, will be hosting their latest Pokémon Charity Marathon to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The marathon will be streamed live on TheSpeedGamers Twitch Channel at http://twitch.tv/thespeedgamers from Friday December 17 at 6pm US Central Time.
Baccarat to release exclusive collection of crystal Pokémon decorations
  • 1,614
  • 0
Pokémon's 25th anniversary celebrations have already seen the release of a wide array of merchandise, but today's announcement has to be one of the most exclusive. Baccarat, the French manufacturer of fine crystal who are probably best known for tableware and decorattion, have announced the release of three special crystal Pokémon creations as their contribution to the 25th anniversary.
Pokémon Center online stores in US and Canada release their 2021 Holiday Season Collections
  • 1,736
  • 2
Retail stores haven't even finished getting rid of all the leftover Halloween candy yet, but The Pokémon Company International is already getting in the festive mood with a range of new holiday season-themed product lines having just been released in both the US PokemonCenter.com and Canadian PokemonCenter.ca online stores.
Super Contests come to real life with the Pokémon Presents Super Pet Contest
  • 2,762
  • 1
The Pokémon Company International today dropped a surprise announcement about the launch of the Pokémon Presents Super Pet Contest. From now until November 9, 2021, at 12:01am PST, Pokémon fans from across North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand will be able to enter photos of their real world pets to give their furry (or not so furry) partners a chance to shine in the spotlight.
Pokémon UNITE's Halloween Festival begins October 20 - Greedent joins the roster
  • 2,266
  • 0
In an announcement that should come as no surprise to anyone who's paid attention to the sudden change of music in the in-game lobby over the past week, a range of Halloween themed tricks and treats will coming to Pokémon UNITE this Wednesday, October 20. The Halloween Festival is the first in-game event in Pokémon UNITE, and features new ways to play, new holowear, and new customization options for trainers.
New Pikachu and Eevee themed Pokéfloat revealed for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • 3,095
  • 0
The Pokémon 25th anniversary logo was revealed during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 26, 2020. So it's only appropriate that this year's Macy's Parade would include the introduction of a brand new Pokémon balloon.
Pokémon's first appearance at Universal Studios Japan will be in Spring 2022 in the「NO LIMIT! Parade」
  • 1,054
  • 0
After the surprise announcement earlier this month that Universal Studios Japan and The Pokémon Company would be forming a new, long-term creative partnership, we now have the first details of one of the theme park experiences that Pokémon characters will be featured in.
New partnership formed between The Pokémon Company and Universal Studios Japan - Pokémon attractions to feature in the theme park from 2022
  • 3,024
  • 0
Universal Studios Japan and The Pokémon Company have today jointly announced the formation of a new, long-term creative partnership for theme park experiences. While no specific dates were given, the partnership is promised to deliver its first new theme park experiences at Universal Studios Japan starting from some time in 2022.
New trailer for Pokémon: Legends Arceus reveals new gameplay and story details, plus a new Scyther evolution
  • 3,499
  • 0
A trailer released earlier today by The Pokémon Company International has showcased new details about the gameplay and story of the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, including the reveal of Kleavor, a never before seen, region-specific evolution of the classic first generation Pokémon, Scyther.
UNIQLO's Pokémon All-Stars collection finally reaches Australian shores this month
  • 2,427
  • 0
Australian Pokémon fans will be getting another chance to fill up their wardrobe with more Pokémon themed clothing this month, as Uniqlo finally brings the Pokémon All-Stars collection to Aussie stores, just in time for things to really warm up for the southern hemisphere spring.
Dutch thieves smash up toy store for Pokémon cards
  • 2,210
  • 0
An Intertoys toy store in Voorburg, Netherlands last week, was subjected to a ram raid by two thieves who appeared to be targeting ever popular Pokémon cards and high-end LEGO sets.
Pokémon 25: The Album to be released October 15 - Preorders open now
  • 2,099
  • 0
The year-long P25 Music project is building up to its ultimate crescendo, with the announcement that Pokémon 25: The Album will be releasing next month, on October 15.
2021 Halloween Collections launch on Pokémon Center online stores in US and Canada
  • 1,885
  • 0
Just in time for the spookiest month of the year, The Pokémon Company International is releasing several new Halloween themed product lines in the US PokemonCenter.com and Canadian PokemonCenter.ca online stores.
Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition cookies announced - available across the United States from September 13
  • 3,767
  • 0
Completing a trifecta of Pokémon related food announcements this week, The Pokémon Company International and OREOs have unveiled the result of the collaboration that both companies have been teasing for a while now, with the release of packs of Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies.
Details on Pokémon UNITE's September 8 update
  • 2,415
  • 0
TiMi Studio Group, the developers of Pokémon UNITE, have announced that an update will be coming to the game this Wednesday September 8 following a planned server update at 7:00 AM UTC, with changes and bug fixes being made to the stats and moves of Blissy, who was introduced to the game with the August 18 update, as well as some shop updates.
Pokémon doughnuts released in Krispy Kreme stores in Australia
  • 7,021
  • 0
If Australian Pokéfans didn't already have too much junk food in their immediate future with the release of the McDonalds Happy Meals this Thursday, they certainly will now with the release of Pokémon doughnuts in Krispy Kreme stores Australia-wide.
McDonalds Brazil launch Pokémon 25th Anniversary McLanche Feliz meals this Thursday
  • 2,125
  • 0
It's not just Aussies who get to enjoy Pokémon themed food promotions this week. Starting this Thursday September 9, Pokémon fans in Brazil will also have the opportunity to pick up Pokémon cards and toys together with their McLanche Feliz meals.
25th Anniversary Happy Meals officially available in Australia from September 9 - Scalpers already ruining it for everyone
  • 3,959
  • 2
Despite being unveiled as "coming soon" all the way back in July, the 25th Anniversary Happy Meals haven't yet been released in McDonalds stores in Australia. According to an internal crew communication poster leaked to Press-Start however, the long wait is nearly over, with the promotion intended to commence in stores this Thursday September 9, continuing until October 20, or while stocks last.
Pokéthon 2021 commences September 3rd, raising money for Direct Relief
  • 3,231
  • 0
Beginning this Friday September 3rd at 12:00 noon US Eastern Daylight Time, a team of more than 24 Pokémon Community Content Creators will be banding together in the forth annual Pokéthon charity streaming event, raising money for Direct Relief's Fund for Health Equity.

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