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Bulbagarden Social Media Editor and Bulbanews Guest Writer


Bulbagarden Social Media Editor and Bulbanews Guest Writer
On the Origin of Species: Bidoof and Bibarel
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The Bidoof line is known throughout the Pokémon community as the ideal "HM slave", especially in the Sinnoh region. While Bidoof can only learn Cut (HM01) and Rock Smash (HM06), Bibarel can learn Cut (HM01), Surf (HM03), Strength (HM04), Whirlpool (HM05), Rock Smash (HM06), Waterfall (HM07) and Rock Climb (HM08), as well as Dive on some occasion, thanks to the change from a pure Normal-type to a dual Normal- and Water-types. These cute yet versatile Pokémon abound in Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola - but what are their real-world inspirations?

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