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Review: New Pokémon Snap - Beautiful, gentle and fun

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Pokémon fans love seeing Pokémon. What’s more, seeing Pokémon go about their own business in their natural ecosystem is a special kind of pleasure. One of the franchise’s under-appreciated strengths is world-building; that is, the sense that the places and characters of the games don’t just disappear the moment we close our eyes, and have lives outside of the player’s interactions with them. Few things enhance the sense that this is a world with a life of its own than seeing the inhabitants walk, stomp, crawl, fly and swim through the environment without heed for the protagonist. It’s why the Wild Area was so central to the premise of Sword and Shield and the Expansion Pass content; it’s why the original Pokémon Snap is so beloved despite merely being an on-rails photograph-’em-up; and it’s why New Pokemon Snap is such a great non-core Pokémon title.