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Stolen collection of Pokémon cards reportedly circulating in France

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A stolen collection of Pokémon cards is allegedly being traded on markets in France, according to information released by Dutch police on the television program Opsporing Gezocht earlier this week. Dutch police have asked for public assistance in reporting possible sales of the stolen cards. According to French Pokémon fans who have been in contact with the Dutch police, the cards were apparently sold to buyers in Paris at the beginning of this year, and have continued to circulate on French markets since then.

Japanese Pokémon Card Thief used Rock Climb - It's not very effective

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Over the past few months, it's been depressing just how frequently we've covered stories of Pokémon Card heists. What sets apart this week's case, from Ikebukuro in Tokyo's Toshima ward, is the extreme lengths to which the alledged criminal went to get their hands on these valuable cardboard rectangles. Nakanishi Kensuke, a resident of Toshima ward, was arrested on Monday March 29th after investigators from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police managed to identify him from security camera footage that happened to catch him in the act of walking down the side of a building.

McDonalds responds to shortages of Pokémon Happy Meal items

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In a statement provided to multiple media organisations, McDonalds responded to the ongoing shortages of Pokémon 25th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys and Cards, and confirmed they are working with supply chain partners to restock these items. Their official statement stopped short however of directly acknowledging the ongoing flagrant scalping of these product on online auction sites such as eBay.

Release of 25th Anniversary Happy Meals Marred by Scalpers

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The real test for anyone wanting to catch these Pokémon cards and toys won't just be how far and wide you're willing to travel across the land. In a sad addition to the list of why we can't have nice things, the rollout of these Happy Meals has been marred by reports of scalpers and overzealous adult collectors snapping up all available stock.

Japanese man arrested for selling hacked Pokémon

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According to several reports in the Japanese media, Kawamatsu Kazuki, a 23 year-old unemployed Japanese man from the Minami ward of Nagoya, was recently arrested under Japan’s Unfair Competition Prevention Act for alledgedly generating and selling hacked Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, including both shiny Pokémon and Pokémon intended for competitive play. Under Japanese law, it is an offense to offer services to bypass technical limitation measures in software, including modifying the save data of video games.