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Play! Pokémon

Receive a free Full Art Marnie in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online with code PC4YOURCHOICE
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Players of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online can receive a free Full Art Marnie card using the code 「PC4YOURCHOICE」, which was revealed earlier today on the Pokémon Players Cup IV - TCG Region Finals Day 1 livestream on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. This code is limited to the first 50,000 players, and is only valid until July 26, 2021.
Ranked Battles Series 10 regulations announced; series to begin on August 1st
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The Pokémon Company International has announced the regulations for the Ranked Battles Series 10, which will begin on August 1, 2021. Players will battle with Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.
Details for Play! Pokémon 2022 Championship Series announced
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The Pokémon Organized Play has announced details for the 2022 Championship Series season, under the assumption that most play will be able to resume in some form over the next 12 months. The health and safety of the communities remain to be the most important aspect of resuming live events. The timing for the next live Play! Pokémon events will be determined by the health mandates, guidelines, and recommendations provided by appropriate government agencies. Play! Pokémon events have currently only resumed in Australia and New Zealand. The Pokémon World Championships 2022 are anticipated to take place in London in August 2022, over the period of four days, beginning on a Thursday.
Pokémon Global Exhibition to be held this October featuring top players from around the world
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The Pokémon Company has announced Pokémon Global Exhibition, a tournament featuring eight of the top players from around the world, will be held this October.

The tournament will consist of the highest-ranking players from Europe, North America, Latin America, and Oceania participating in the Pokémon Players Cup IV Global Finals which will be held later this month. In Japan, the competitors will be those who have achieved excellent results in the Masters division of the Pokémon Japan Championships 2021 scheduled to be held from July 17 to July 18, 2021 in Japan. For South Korea, the winner of the Pokémon Trainers Cup 2021, which will be held from July 12 to August 2021, will be representing them.

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