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Pokémon GO


New Pokémon Snap-based event on Pokémon GO

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To celebrate the release of New Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021, an event inspired by the photography-focused game and the Lental region will be held in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO announces more details on the Sustainability Week event

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Niantic has revealed more details on the Sustainability Week event in Pokémon GO. In partnership with the Niantic Sustainability Campaign, Trainers can earn in-game bonuses by achieving various sustainability-related goals in the real world.

Technical issues mar start of Pokémon GO's Rivals Week

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Niantic has sent out a warning to Pokémon GO players, alerting them to an issue with older versions of the game that might be preventing Skrelp and Clauncher from appearing. Both Pokémon had been set to make their debut with the Rivals Week event running from April 13th until April 18th. An ongoing issue also continues to impact Team GO Rocket encounters, and they have not been available in-game for the past few days.

Pokémon GO introduces new Friendship Day event

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Niantic has announced a new event for Pokémon GO, Friendship Day, an event that’s all about having fun with your friends and enjoying various bonuses while playing Pokémon GO.

In this first Friendship Day, Grass-type Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild. There will be a Collection Challenge to receive XP, and an increased chance of receiving Lucky Pokémon when trading with a friend. The event will take place on April 24, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time.

  • Various Grass-type Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild.
  • Complete the Friendship Day Collection Challenge before the event concludes to earn 100,000 XP!
  • Take part in the Friendship Day Global Challenge! For each hourly challenge you complete, you’ll earn 20,000 XP!
  • Green confetti will be appearing on the map in celebration of Grass-type Pokémon!
  • You'll have an increased chance of receiving a Lucky Pokémon when you complete a...

Opinion: It’s time to face facts - Pokémon GO is full of loot boxes

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Earlier this month, John Walker wrote an article for Kotaku entitled “Pokemon Go's Eggs Aren't Lootboxes, They're Fun Presents”. In this article, John in effect tried to convince readers that something that walks like a Psyduck, quacks like a Psyduck, and holds its head in pain like a Psyduck, is in fact not a Psyduck. It didn’t take long until for the article to attract appropriate derision for its arguments, including from gaming luminaries like Jim Sterling. But what really concerns me is that John’s arguments also attracted a large defence force of people who, quite frankly, seemed to take personal offense at the idea that a mechanic they used in a game they enjoyed could possibly be a loot box. So with that in mind, I think it’s time we all had a bit of a chat about Pokémon GO’s various forms of loot boxes, why John’s claim that they're not loot boxes is just flat out wrong, and why these being loot boxes is something we shouldn’t be in denial over.

Pokémon GO to introduce new friend referral system

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If you've been wanting to invite your friends to Pokémon GO but have lacked the motivation, you're about to be in luck. Pokémon GO will soon be giving players an incentive to lure friends on-board in the form of a referral program and reward scheme.

Niantic launches new program assisting Japanese small businesses for 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake

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For the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which devastated the Tohoku region prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, Niantic has this week launched a new program in a similar vein to the Local Business Recovery Initiative the company launched last October to assist businesses and communities who had been hit hard by COVID.

Pokémon GO HoloLens version demoed at Ignite 2021

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Tech demos don't always make it to the open market, but they're often a good indicator of where we're heading. Pokémon GO developer Niantic recently partnered with Microsoft to build a proof-of-concept version of Pokémon GO, showing us one possible future for their mobile game. This version runs on Microsoft's HoloLens 2 headset and coincides with the release of their new Mesh platform, giving us a glimpse of the technology outside the office environment it was initially designed for.

Bonus event announced for Pokémon GO Kanto ticket-holders

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Pokémon GO recently suffered from a technical glitch resulting in some Trainers gaining to access ticket-gated content for free during the Kanto event. While this was obviously great for those who were able to take advantage of it, this understandably devalued the tickets others bought and paid for. To make up for this, Pokémon GO is adding a bonus event to the Kanto tour for all ticket holders.

Niantic drops the ban hammer on over 1 million users in 2020

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Cheating, in one form or another, has been been endemic in Pokémon GO ever since the global phenomenon first hit the streets in 2016. Many players may have seen initial efforts at things like location spoofing as simple time saves and effectively non-issues, or even outright required for play for some players with disibilities or living in remote locations with few PokéStops. From these relatively innocent beginning however, we've seen growing examples of more flagrant, outright cheating spurred by desires for an unfair advantage over other players, such as save game editing and bots, spurred several waves of bans from Niantic.
Water Max

Fletchling announced to be the featured Pokémon for March 2021 Pokémon GO Community Day

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Fletchling has been announced to be the featured Pokémon for the March 2021 Pokémon GO Community Day event. This Community Day event will be held on 6 March from 11am to 5pm in all time zones. During the time period of the event Fletchling will be appearing more frequently in the wild and will be more likely to be encountered as a Shiny Pokémon. Fletchinder that evolve into Talonflame from 11am to 7pm in all time zones on 6 March will know the Community Day exclusive move Incinerate.

Niantic announces the Black Developers Initiative

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In a blog posted this week, Niantic CEO John Hanke has announced the launch of the Black Developers Initiative (BDI), as an extension of their existing Beyond Reality Initiative. The Black Developers Initiative will provide special funding for new projects from Black game development teams for the Niantic platform. Teams who are approved for BDI will receive five months of funding to develop a real-world augmented reality game, as well as direct mentorship and development support from the Niantic team themselves.

Two new Pokemon Go events for announced for mid-January and February

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The Pokémon GO team have announced two upcoming events for Pokémon GO for mid-January and early February. Hoenn will feature as part of the Countdown to Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto, while Roselia will be the featured Pokémon for February's Community Day.

Niantic wins lawsuit against creators of hacked versions of Pokémon GO

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The creators of hacked versions of Pokémon GO and other Niantic mobile titles have agreed to a $USD 5 million settlement.

Pokémon GO Developer Niantic acquires social gaming company Mayhem

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Niantic CEO John Hanke and Mayhem CEO Ivan Zhou anounced in separate blog posts today the acquisition of the small San Francisco based social gaming startup by Niantic. The specific terms of the acquisition, including whatever fee may have been paid by Niantic, have not been disclosed by either chief executive. Mayhem is best known for mayhem.gg, a social platform launched in 2019 which provides tools to gaming communities for creating their own organized leagues, ladders, and tournaments.

Pokémon GO's Tour contest offers trainers a chance to become an in-game NPC

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Niantic are giving Pokémon GO players worldwide the opportunity to have their trainer avatars appear as in-game characters for other players as part of Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto

Pokémon Go Beyond Features Announced For Pokémon GO

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Pokémon Go has announced that on Monday May 30th The Game will bring new features that will bring the game beyond its current state. This will bring a new Level Cap of Level 50, In Game seasons, Kalos Pokémon,, and a new event called 12 days of friendship.
12 Days of Friendship Event

Level 40 Trainers, get ready for a whole new challenge!
Trainers with experience Past level 40 will benefit from new levels and the following bonuses
  • Level 41: Submit your catching skills to a test of endurance! You’ll be expected to catch a high number of Pokémon in a single day, along with other tasks, in order to reach level 41.
  • Level 42: From evolving Eevee into each of its available Evolutions, to using certain Evolution items on specific Pokémon, reaching level 42 will test your knowledge of Pokémon Evolutions.
  • Level 43: Show us your mastery of Gym battles and Raid Battles! You’ll also need to have earned a certain number of pPlatinum medals before...