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New Profile Posts

  1. Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze Darth Darkrai
    That's a really unpopular opinion. I DON'T think it's an A. I really don't think so. And the best show since DD S2? Nah. Also, have you given any Marvel Netflix show lower than an A?
  2. Neo Blaze
  3. Highprince Palpitoad
    Highprince Palpitoad Neo Blaze
    And you thought...? (Chris Pine is awesome, right?)
  4. Highprince Palpitoad
    Highprince Palpitoad Darth Darkrai
    Nice! And Im glad you enjoyed Defenders that much!
  5. Vulpix037
  6. Darth Darkrai
    Darth Darkrai Highprince Palpitoad
    The Defenders Season 1 gets AN A!
  7. Darth Darkrai
    Darth Darkrai Neo Blaze
    ALRIGHT! I have a Review! The Defenders Season 1 gets... AN A! REALLY GREAT! I'd say if it weren't for the Last 2-3 Episodes, this would have been an A-, this is the BEST SHOW SINCE Daredevil Season 2 IMO. I know you'll PROBABLY DISAGREE with Me, but this is how I Personally Feel.
  8. Darth Darkrai
  9. Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze Darth Darkrai
    I think he may have been on a few Collider shows before. He and Mantz are a lot of fun, I'm rooting for them.
  10. Darth Darkrai
    Darth Darkrai Neo Blaze
    Inman... That Name Sounds Familiar... Was he on a Previous Podcast?
  11. Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze Darth Darkrai
    They're doing a tournament now, four matches a week. Yesterday was Team Trek vs Team CinemaBlend

    Trek consisting of... Jason Inman and Scott Mantz :)
  12. Blink
    Blink TheCapsFan
    Hi! I saw in the GO Mafia thread that you do band? What instrument do you play?
  13. Darth Darkrai
  14. Darth Darkrai
    Darth Darkrai Neo Blaze
    Maybe I'll do it Once I Finish Defenders. :) Oh and HA! Ramon Rodrigues is Main Cast! That's a SURPRISE! :)
  15. Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze Darth Darkrai
    You should imo. It's SO much fun. I think you would really enjoy it
  16. Darth Darkrai
    Darth Darkrai Neo Blaze
  17. Darth Darkrai
    Darth Darkrai Neo Blaze
    Maybe I'll Give it a Shot sometime.
  18. Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze Darth Darkrai
    SHAME! It's really good :/
  19. Darth Darkrai
  20. Darth Darkrai