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having hunger is funny, it is like playing a game with a 3 sided die and a coin toss. each side represents happy, sad, angry, the coin sides represents sad, and mad. first you roll the die, if it lands on happy, then you dont flip the coin, if it lands on sad or mad, you flip the coin, if the coin lands on mad, you get extra mad, and vice versa. example1: rolled happy. im happy, nothing to it but lightheadedness. example2: rolled mad, flip coin, got mad. im super mad. example3: rolled sad, flip coin, got mad. im sad and mad. (works vice versa too) and this all happens automatically, you cant control it. another thing, did you know that eaing is a mood thing for me? i could have skipped breakfast (sorry amaya) and be hungry for lunch, but if im not in the mood? i wont eat lunch! messed up. im messed up. i think im just shitposting at this point...
todays update: i am feeling strangely happy and light headed... hunger is a weird thing.
Has anyone gotten far into a Pokémon game before deciding to make some changes to the team, only to realize that you have gotten too attached to the team that you just cannot bring yourself to replace anyone? I am feeling that in my current play through of Pokémon Scarlet using only Gen 1 Pokémon.
me: has firefox opened to a tab with this forum opened in that tab
me: (opens a new tab)
me: (opens this forum again in the new tab)

why am i like this
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