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Recent content by 007charly

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    3 IV Bred Adamant Zoruas with Pokerus for trade

    If you need some adamant khanga i have too many XD
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    3 IV Bred Adamant Zoruas with Pokerus for trade

    I can offer 4IV khangaskan?
  3. 0


    If they have any of the HA abilities i would love them, I dont have any with HA :(
  4. 0


    Make an offer for the beldums i have? i have quite a few :)
  5. 0


    Certainly! PM me your fc :)
  6. 0


    Need a Scyther as he is one of my favourite pokemon, let me know what you want and ill see if i have it
  7. 0


    I have kangaskhan comming out the WAZOO, will trade them for anything, could really go for some of the kanto starters with special abilities, but im not picky! MAKE AN OFFER :)
  8. 0

    Shiny Teddiursa

  9. 0


    Dragalge is what I can offer
  10. 0

    Chain Fishing=Shiny Pokemon

    Im breeding lileeps with suction cups if anyone needs one pm me
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    Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

    Help me train my bergmite I ev trined my bergmite with atk/hp and was wondering if there are any good moves and items for it? It is now an avalugg =)
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    Hi Everyone! ^^

    Hy im new too! My fc for y is 4613 6814 5079 Tell me yours o I can add ya back =)
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    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Breaking Bad
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    Im Sweet Sylveon!

    Hi ya
  15. 0


    Welcome =)