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  • Haha, I don't have many friends on my list here, so you certainly are one of the few! And hm, I have a bit more friends online since I've met a lot of people with similar interests here. :3 Though I have my fair share of great friends in real life!
    That would be amazing! Failing getting a group of Sugar Rush cosplayers together, I really just want to find someone cosplaying as Turbo and annoy them. xD

    Aww. D: Kids are mean. I bet you could find something to cosplay as, though!

    Haha, that's awesome! For Christmas, my sister got me a plush of Vanellope, a tote bag (with Ralph, Felix, and Vanellope on it), and some pins (Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, Calhoun, King Candy, and Rancis) because I wouldn't shut up about the movie. (Also the pins kinda made more sense too since both of us are Disney pin collectors/traders.) Also a random plush of Crumbelina, because I looked on the Disney Store site at the time and she was the only other Sugar Rush plush I thought was cute enough to want (besides Vanellope). Then I went to a Disney Store one day without any money and regretted not saying I wanted the one of Candlehead too, she's much cuter than the picture on the site made her look. D:
    Me and a friend of mine were both extremely excited ever since we first heard it announced. (We both really love Disney and like to keep up with news on it.) So me, her, and another of our friends saw it the day after it was released. We had plans to see it opening day but as it turned out, there was a Pokemon TCG prerelease tournament that had been scheduled for that night, and I don't like missing those, so we just waited for the next day. I'm really trying to talk some of my friends into some day doing a big group cosplay with me of the Sugar Rush racers but so far nobody seems to want to do that. xD

    One of my friends was saying the same thing. I think I'm the only one that saw it (of the people I know) that had actually no idea who the actors were in it. I don't watch a lot of TV/movies. xD
    No problem! :)

    Haha, me too! XD I went to an anime convention a couple of months ago and cosplayed as her. It was really fun. I saw Wreck-It Ralph on it's opening weekend and immediately knew I had to be Vanellope for my first cosplay attempt. xD
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