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  • Such an ensemble of puns is certainly brasszen, Lunar. And if you want me to comprehend that notion, conducting yourself with utmost grace is key, as I'm rather averse to your cantankerous outbursts - so please, refrain from the palaverous diatribes. Really, wire you even doing this?

    Your incohearant musings are certainly riveting, but I'm afraid I've got a score to settle with that ailment, nay, decibelity, of yours. I'm sure I could orchestrate a solution, assuming we both maintain our composures.

    Well, on that note, I do still hope you recover.

    I uuuuuused to give candy out. Then I just started turning all the lights off and sitting in my room alone (. .)
    Here, have a song.
    M.O.V.E Monster Explosion (feat.影山ヒロノブ&遠藤正明) - YouTube

    It's a collab betwixt m.o.v.e. and JAM Project (. .)
    >whitetext despite no white backgrounds (err, at least under View Conversation) and the fact caps isn't regulated here
    Ohah (. .)
    (_ _)

    But I can still body of water.



    ...Oh, Lunar. It's almost as if you don't read about every single aspect of a series the second you accrue interest in it.

    Do tell wat (. .)
    (3 3)

    I'm not being a body of water; I just a body of water.


    Strength is for the weak. Dreams are for those who possess enough intrinsic fortitude that they don't require any more.

    Uhh, yes? He replaced Skeleton T, who in turn replaced him back in PP7. Might be why he's not in 20anni.
    I'd tell you to actually read his article on Puyo Nexus, but that'd kill the post-Halloween reveal-induced humour.
    (e e)

    I sea (, ,)

    I can't believe I really just checked. AND I DID NOT.

    Beclaws realiteyh iz too meanstraim! (. .)

    Concomitantly, nor do I. How quaint.

    He debuted in PPF, which is the most meanstraim Puyogame there is~ (. .) If only beclaws it wuz catually released owtsyde Japain.
    (v v)

    Oh, Lunar. Marry me.

    Nuuu, I used obtuse. Nevar acute. And most certainly not radians/radiance.


    Lawl, the image didn't even show up for me. And I dun't feel leik copypasta'inh zeh pawrpetties~ (9 9)

    (' ')

    Nippon is a what, not a who. Pay attention.
    Whilst surely you've known me long enough to know what loli is (. .)

    Well, what ACUTE idiosyncrasy you've developed. But the luminescent RADIANS of these puns is simply lurid, tbh.

    I ain't even fat.

    Hehe, if you say so.

    And uhm, in other news. Has-Bean? Alternative name for Carbuncle, used in Mean Bean Machine. Like, they are litterally the same char. Errrrmm...
    (x +)

    Nuuu, let us speak of lascivious lolis.
    ...Owait, that's Nippon Ichi again.

    I'm going to go out on a LIM and assume I'm crossing a LINE here.
    And eh, I suppose you are rather well-rounded.

    (. ,) I sea.

    Not as rotund as you; your corpulence rivals that of celestial bodies! (. .) At least, I'm assuming that's the basis of your usernames.


    Nippon Ichi is the company respawnsible fur zeh Disgaea series, and othuh kewl stuph (. .) Zeh localisations hav notoriously horrendous VA'ing, yet it somehow seems excellently executed regardless.

    C'mon, Lunar. They're as PLANE as can be!

    I nefur got detention efuuuurr. I jus spent mai tiem beinh at hoem playinh wif cats.
    And hey, explains why you turned out to be such a square.

    Iz maff hao babby iz made? (. .)

    I'm always calling you ugly. ALWAYS.

    ( . )

    See, but the Eng VA is like, so bad it's good. Deliciously cheesy - but, unfurtunately, still not cheesy enough. I suppose only Nippon Ichi can purrfekt sucha cawnsept (, ,)

    I don't understand? Pfft, it doesn't even require a FRACTION of this conversation to discern that you're the befuddled one; the PROOF's right in front of me.

    Methinks I actually tend to mentally age backwards.
    Ah, I remember back when I was in elementary school (, ,) Dat stolidity.
    Also no she doesn't. That is a tape recorder on her back saying that. Incidentally, your mother is made of cardboard.

    Wat's maff? (. .)

    Ohhh, no. I'm not buying anything until I beat Phantom Brave. Edit; and appurrently I can't anyway. I neglected to realise that Fever was the last to get US release; oh, me.
    Whilst your fourth fave should be Crawdaunt. You jus seem so Crawdaunty! (> <)

    Oh and, as fur Oshare, he shall nefur be anything above seclawnd furvourite. Yew sed he wuz yer fave and thairfur he iz ttly meanstraim.
    Lemres ftw.
    Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary: Oshare Bones' Story - YouTube
    Then again...hmm.
    And lawl, Sig. I'm acceptable. Yay.
    (. .)

    I'm fine with his English voice. I was hoping I'd purrofoundly prefur it, fur irony's sake, but nyeh (, ,)
    And I haven't the faintest ideya.
    Andandand I'll be spending Halloween on the SEGA forum. I wanna return when it'll be compurritively quiet there.

    Oh, don't be such a SQUARE.

    *is now a couple hours older*
    Aaaand no it isn't. It procures one of the worst scents in the history of your mother.


    Edit; huh, Popoi and I share barfdaes.
    Editedit; Lemres is purrdy kew. Methinks I shuld get zeh 20th anniversary gaem (. .)
    (e o)

    Omigosh that is best design fur a character efur. You win this time, Lunesy, whilst I wish I hadn't grown bored with the PC fursion of PPF.

    The relationship between a pun's ubiquity and your capacity for coping with tight places is rather TANGENTial.

    Coffee does terrible things to one's metabolism.

    (n n)

    Groovy then.

    That pun was rather OBTUSE.
    Like, I don't even get it. OwaitnaoIdo

    I only drink water (OMIGOSHSOMUCHTHESEDAYS), and lemonade once or twice a week. Root beer maybe once a month. Nothing else.
    Aaaaand hav phun, Luneyh (. .) Tell zem zat I sed I'z nevuh cominh bak evuhhh.
    (= =)

    I'm too cool to know who that is.

    That in and of itself is arrantly fictitious! (. .)

    Pfft, I knew that. The SINES were everywhere!

    Oh and
    Wendy's Training Video Hot Drinks - YouTube
    Nevar gets olde

    >implying I still have bones


    Well, you're the one who TRIGgered it (¬ ¬)
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