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  • A small tip about Rps , it's common to mention the people that sign up, or when the rp starts.
    I love dancing. I am average at it, but I do it anyway. So, like, do you do ballet? My aunt takes me to ballets all the time, they're actually a lot of fun.
    It was. Oh, also, I lost to Mohammed at arm wrestling. But it's okay, since he's really buff, but I still held my own against him for a while. See, I want to be the best arm wrestler at my school.
    Are you okay? Insomnia sucks. Mine was great. I finished weedwhacking, played some Disgaea, and worked out a little. Oh, also, I learned that the best thing is when your friend Andrew gives you two pieces of candy, and you eat one and save the other for later but forget, but then you find it when you're getting ready to shower, and it's so awesome. Almost as good as a five dollar bill.
    Hence the three years of practice. I wonder how good I'll be at four? I remember last year I though I was good, but now I know that I kinda sucked still. know what I mean?

    So what have you done today?
    Pokemon Summer Academy. My character had blue hair in that one too. I love blue hair. I came late, and I read all 100 pages of it in one night before signing up at like 3 in the morning. I still remember the feeling I got while playing. Man, that was great. Except I sucked back then, but I'm better now.
    A pity. I'm happy to say that I think this forum is the best one on the internet. 'Course, most people think that of their first one. I don't understand patriotism when it comes to my state. But somehow, patriotism as far as my site goes is quite comprehensible to me. Oh, hey, just FYI, Eliot will likely hit on Kit.
    Been doing it for three years. I intend to be the best at fighting in RPs on the internet. Cliche, huh? Also, kind of a dumb dream, but it's mostly just a hobby. Where do you do your RPing?
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