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  • It's a Zoroark with a cool kinda gangster or GTA look I don't really know just found on a website it should be in my album the Burning Blade Pic
    I should try playing the episode again and get Hanbei to leave. I thought it was weird that he'd leave just because I lost (apparently Reshiram can't take Garchomps) when that didn't seem to be a prerequisite for anyone, but I couldn't risk it since he was a major force in my army.
    (since its a bit off-topic on the artbook thread)
    I wanted to know if it was just Hanbei since I was trying to get other people to leave using the same criteria (losing a kingdom), but all I've managed is to get Magoichi bored in Masamune's episode.

    It's from this video Pikachu on Acid - YouTube. I put it in my blog blog. It's an awesome video with awesome music =D
    It's from a webcomic, "Manly Guys Doing Manly Things". The guy at the avatar is a character called Jared.

    Actually, I don't follow the whole comic, but somewhere I saw Jared's flashback and found it funny.

    Ah, the URL is this Manly Guys Doing Manly Things - 04/05/2010
    Well, yes and no. I use to work for a Cable Company and my customers use to Jokingly call me "The Cable Guy".....so, there you have it.
    Ah. Conveniently, that's also from an RP which is still ongoing now, assuming my partner in writing it gets back online for the first time in a few days. It's the flag of the fictitious nation of Blazia, stylised to look like it's in a bubble, rather than on an actual flag.
    Probably most.

    I followed it because it was Game Freak and I tend to like their games. Have you ever played Pulseman?

    The fact that Harmo Knight it has a bunch of Pokemon tracks in it is just a bonus.
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