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  • Hiatus? Sometimes I get worried when someone I know just drops off the Internet...
    It feels strange to have an upgrade because it was cheaper than repairing your old phone.
    Windows Phone 8 devices show up as USB MTP devices like most modern Android devices, so there's that. It's a bit more of a kludge that way.
    *edits and resyncs*

    Sometimes, I wish the Zune desktop client wasn't dead for Windows Phone 8. I'd have liked to be able to keep using that.
    Now let's see you "fix" them.

    Rainie Yang - Whimsical World Collection (Deluxe Edition)
    04 Xiao Mo Li
    05 Zhe Die Shi Ai Qing
    11 Tian Xin Zhou (OT Keep On Pumping)
    13 Ai Mei(OT Ai Mei) (JPN. ver.)
    14 Ai Mei
    15 Ke Ai
    19 Jue Qiang
    21 Guo Min
    24 Leng Zhan
    26 YU AI
    28 Xing Fu De Jie Pai
    29 Wan Mei Bi Li (OT Destiny)
    32 Zuo Bian
    37 Yu Shang Ai
    38 Lian de Mo fa(OT Tick Tock (Beat The Clock)) (JPN. ver.)
    The next assignment is going to be fun :3 Everything is transliterated, so...

    On the other hand, let me guess: you probably already got everything down when you're ready to reply.
    It's easier when you never have to deal with IMEs :3

    *previews Rainie Yang's Whimsical World Collection (Deluxe Edition)*

    This is gonna take a while, since it is a huge collection.
    Looks like things just got cleaned up a lot. This should make searching a cinch on my phone.

    I find it interesting that Microsoft's Pinyin New Experience IME allows you to input any of the following:
    - English (in both "normal" and "double-byte")
    - Russian (software keyboard)
    - Greek (software keyboard)
    - Simplified Chinese
    - Traditional Chinese (with the correct suggestions)
    - Japanese (software keyboard)

    - Typing on a normal US QWERTY keyboard
    - By stroke (software keyboard)
    - Drawing the character itself (software keyboard)

    Let's see if you could figure out what fits best for these names, taken from 第一張創作專輯--你是我的眼

    Sometimes I wish I could type names in multiple languages and display only what's relevant according to the system's language/locale.
    Is it strange to want to keep song and album names in their original language, but artist names translated/localised?
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