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  • yep, i'm pretty new got into it around the end of 2014. I'm a Blackjack and Elf mostly but I love many groups.
    I don't think that the image has its own thread, but I imagine that it's in the Capture thread.
    I'm glad you've been good :) Yeah, I've been doing the same thing. I've mostly withdrawn from the Kpop world originally so I could focus on exams, but continued to stay away because it seems to be a whirlwind of drama lately. I'm not aware of it in much detail, but I've heard of the general news and I've seen plenty of drama just with EXO so I can kind of get how you feel. :/
    I do remember you! I'm quite a scatterbrained person and then by the time I remember, I'm too shy to reply in case it looks awkward "OTL How have you been?
    hell yes after i heard the whole world heard because i started shrieking and crying LOL

    my facebook newsfeed literally exploded
    i'm so hype
    its part of the new anime opening! i made it from this: Pokémon X and Y - Special Trailer (September 23rd) - YouTube
    Yeah, I assume you are too? :p

    I'll probably be going to bed soon, though. I'll read the news tomorrow. xD
    I have been watching it and I'm actually really growing to love it! The characters still feel the same, the plot is really coming together well, and I'm loving the action on Lyoko!
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