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  • Agreed on both. The final act of Death Note was pretty good IMO but season 2 was shit otherwise

    R2 pulled a lot of bullshit for sure
    I prefer R1 over R2 but I think R2 gets too much crap. It's a pretty good second season. The ending was really good.

    Have you seen death note? The two are compared often. Personally I like Code Geass a lot more
    Yup! Have to agree with you there, I love the series though it is flawed at times. I love it anyway
    thanks i'm here all weekend

    omfg ur adorable that's the cutest thing i've heard all week
    i adore monster girls and the prison school plotline is hilarious imo so

    ... OMG ARE U SRS OR are u pulling my leg
    omg there are uncensored versions coming out i finally have a reason to live

    and came back enamored with everything apparently
    my taste in anime is just cute girls with tiddies

    i'll accept u rn let's go

    your status is now high king of the entire world enjoy your stay
    i remade my skype like 1000 years ago so that doesn't count

    i love u too lol
    can i be ur fan ;-;
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