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  • Agreed. I can't even remember the last time I bought an anime on DVD. xD

    I'd rather use my money for things like video games and such. Any games you're looking forward to this year?
    I liked the first one too.

    I'm into anime. I mostly just watch them online since buying DVDs can get expensive.
    1. Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Shikinami Langley. She's kind of a tragic character. It's sad what happened to her mom and how it affected her. But she is smart and confident even if she comes off as arrogant. Plus she's a red head. :) Her Rebuild counterpart (Shikinami) has some differences but is still overall similar to Soryu and imo still awesome.

    2. Rei Ayanami - Nice, caring, obedient, quiet and responsible. xD
    3. Misato Katsuragi - How can anyone not like Misato-san? :p
    4. Mari Illustrious Makinami - She's cool and imo, I think she has potential to be a great character.
    5. Shinji Ikari - He must included in everyone's top 5 list. :p His Japanese voice actress (Megumi Ogata) was the perfect choice to voice him, imo.
    6. Ritsuko Akagi - tech wiz and beautiful.
    7. Maya Ibuki - sweet and very kind.
    8. Kaworu Nagisa - cool guy but he is sort a little creepy to me ^^
    9. Hikari Horaki - bossy but kind and caring.
    10. Ryoji Kaji - I like how Misato is tsundere towards him. xD

    Have you seen all of the Rebuild movies?

    I wouldn't say madoka magica is a bad anime, just seriously very overrated.

    That's a tough one. I've seen a lot of anime that I like....I'll just PM you my list.
    Awesome meeting another Evangelion fan and a friend of Karisse. :)

    So what are your favorite Evangelion characters?

    I also never understood the popularity of madoka magica. I just could not get into it.
    Oh no you didn't....

    You, sir, are a legend. xD Here's to hoping you don't get banned for this.
    At least it's not completely dead. We're sill plenty active, just not as much as we used to be.
    Being a mod or life in general? haha Well both have been pretty good.

    How have you been?

    > meh, there's not much of a "story", they just kind of suck
    > so how much does that mean you weigh now
    > more active than wc lol
    um, well

    > got modded and here and was fired obviously because I made the other staff look bad by comparison
    > am trying to get mad abs
    > splatoon
    > being depressed
    > etc

    what about you
    That's fine C: . Merry X-Mas to u too mah boy!

    I haven't gotten them back yet cos I've been on break, but hopefully XD .

    A large Wacom Intuos Pro :] .

    ...Dude I was just rewatching cartoons I watched in elementary school and I think I may have found the source of my irrational hatred of #96...
    Lol no. I hardly even watch them tbh.

    I never do anything special for any holiday. xD New Year is the same as always for me.
    Heh, same. Good luck with that stuff C: . My skool's much tougher this year. 2 tests (that I haven't studied for) tomorrow, and on Friday another test, a quiz, and a project due ;-; .

    I've also dedicated more time to practicing drawing, tho, and am getting a drawing tablet this Friday :D !
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