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  • Fighting? I 2 have a 4x, 2 have a 2x, and everything else is 1x. I just made a team out of my favorite pokes, and it just so happened to have a common weakness to fighting.
    Dude, you and I have the EXACT same opinions on Sarah's Ash voice in the Pokemon Black and White dub.

    I totally agree with everything you said in the "Are you concerned about dubbed Best Wishes?" thread!!

    I mean, I admit I was able to tolerate Sarah's Ash voice in the D/P seasons, and somewhat enjoy her acting in the Sinnoh League episodes (because she improved a lot). But this...the D/P pitch she is using for Ash in Black and White just doesn't fit him at all. That voice sounds terrible. X_X

    You'd think she would have used a higher pitch... I wonder if this means Sarah is unable to do a high-pitched Ash?
    Even though we might be on the opposite sides of the political spectrum. Can I say, GO DEIMON DEVIL BATS!? :3
    Ah, I see. I don't live in NYC either.

    I'm from West Virginia. And I flew out to NYC, so I could attend the con, lol. XD
    Hi there! I'm curious. Did you attend NYCC/NYAF in October, by any chance?

    I was just wondering, because I read that post where you mentioned what Tom Wayland said. I attended NYCC/NYAF, and I remember Tom talking about that stuff at the "VAs in the City" panel. =)
    Meh, I know. It's just how easily he gets annoyed/angry that bugs me. I don't need an infraction for that. Pssht.
    There's barely any info on Zexal and you seem to be acting like it'll be super mega awesome or something.
    While I appreciate your encouragement to post more in the anime sections of Janime, I'm not scared or nervous to do so. I've had an account at Janime for over a year in order to find out what exactly stopped 4Kids from uploading more raws of the DM series. I just wasn't interested in posting on that forum after that. The only reason I started to do so was because I was tired of just reading posts on that Jack x Carly club thread and wanted to discuss my favorite pairing. I don't really have that much desire to post about the dub, especially when I already do that on Toon Zone. I do feel bad that Golfkid feels too nervous about posting there if he really wants to post there though.
    I can understand why some fans, especially if they do like Leo, would be disappointed with Crow becoming the Signer. I don't mind Leo and Luna getting development though, especially since I don't think Luna has changed that much during the course of the series so far, so it should be interesting to see that arc when it gets dubbed. I did see some of those card introductions in the Japanese versions of the Dark Signer arc. I thought that they were used more for their cuteness factor more than for popularity, but that might be the same thing in this case scenario.
    Well, I could see them wanting to change his character for that reason so that the cards would be promoted by a protagonist, as opposed to an antagonist. Still, I think that was a better choice to make since I do generally like Crow and I think he was a nice addition to the cast. Besides, the point of the series is to make money and promote the cards anyway. Telling a solid storyline always comes in second when compared to making money, at least for the people in charge that is.
    That is an interesting time theory, although I'm still not sure if I would like Leo as a Signer even without his annoying lines and voice. I was more interested in his Power Tool Dragon and if maybe he did have some kind of special power, non-Signer wise, after his duel with Sayer due to how it turned to see Leo unconscious after the duel was over. I have no idea what you're trying to say with that last line.
    I've heard about that idea as well. I still think that was changed even before his debut given his personality and interactions with Yusei. I actually prefer him as the fifth Signer over Leo. I didn't really like Leo that much, although his dubbed lines might be a factor for that, and him becoming the fifth Signer would have been too obvious. Crow was a bit more interesting to me and had better skills as a duelist. I wouldn't mind that idea of Leo getting the yellow dragon card though. I kind of liked the idea of Leo having access to the fifth Signer Dragon, but not actually being a Signer himself. It feels a bit more creative and interesting to me.
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