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  • I do enjoy 5D's and I totally loved the robot Jack episodes. It's true that I don't really like the villains. I don't think that they're too interesting or threatening for the most part. They don't really stand out to me compared to other Yu-Gi-Oh! villains. I actually don't mind the filler and it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. So, I'm not so sure it's only because of the amount of filler that prevents me from finding the villains interesting. Though, it's good to know that the Duel Bots Primo sent out aren't forgotten. Since that episode gives Crow a Dragon card, I don't think it could be filler or at least I wouldn't label it as such. I have heard about how Crow was originally suppose to be a thief. Considering he didn't show any signs of being a thief after his debut episode and he was helping Yusei throughout the rest of the arc, I'd imagine that they changed that aspect of his character fairly early on, possibly even before he debuted.
    Cohen, if you don't mind you can make all the banners/signatures, as I've quite making them. Sorry about this. I only work with battles, revamps and fusions (And more) now.

    You do realize how terrible Nintendo is at bringing over their own OVAs right?

    If we didn't get Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach and the Animal Crossing movie, we're never getting subs for Pokemon regardless of distributor.
    Thanks, I'm going to try and hurry up with my Photoshop CS5 trial download to get cracking with the Flareon request.
    Alright. I loved the original Yu-gi-oh show with Yugi, and I bought cards and traded, and battled. I even stole a Slifer from one of my friends. :O
    >>... Animation errors fixed. So far, all animation errors carry over. And bad animation if it exists carries over as wel

    Not every show has animation fixed; the Bleach dub is taken from the Japanese dvd's and Ichigo vs. the Yammy duo was still ridiculously censored.
    Nice! I think I like Takahashi's style a little bit more. It seemed a little bit more fluid. Hara's still great too, though. 5D's has some very cool CGI overall. I first found the CGI in the BW opening to be a little weird, but now that some of the Pokemon are unveiled, I think it looks a lot better.

    I have more clips from Pokemon in better quality. I'll try to PM you soon and we can talk from there.
    There's Pokemon Symphonic Medley (which, ironically, does not use the Pokemon anime orchestra) and Spurt!.

    As for the 2d/CGI combination, there are three examples (skip to :50) from (around 2:50, but the rest is pretty darn good too) DP I can think of.

    Here's are a couple more clips of Iwane in action.

    Do you have any clips of some Hara (or any other animation directors) moments that stick out ? I just love this animation stuff. XD
    Masaaki Iwane is usually considered the best animator out of the regulars in Pokemon. He first started working in episode 3 as a key animator, and started working as an animation director in episode 59 "Volcanic Panic". He now does about one in every five episodes. His episodes are usually some of the most memorable, mostly because of how awesome they look. XD Most recently, he did two parts of the three part Ash VS Paul Sinnoh League match and the final episode of DP. He has also worked on two Best Wishes episodes. Check him out if you can!
    Hey Cohen,whats up?how is everything goin´?What do you think of the new op/ed for 5d?TNew world looked pretty badass imo :p
    Ah, that makes sense too due to KPTitan coming out and asking me in a previous visitor message.
    It's nice to see you here too. I thought that you might notice that it was mean during the announcement for the time change for Pokemon, especially considering where the source for the ratings came from. Hope you're doing well.
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