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  • I'm sorry, I investigated a bit and the peruvian definetely did not worship Quez. Maybe some dragon-like creature (I know little about the Nazca lines, so I can't tell you about that), but not Quez. Having studied both Quez and Kukulcán (its mayan equivalent) in school, I must insist Quez/Kuku is not a dragon, but simply a feathered snake. I stand by my point that the reasons why so many drawings of a flying Quez are on the web are a) the european/chinese influenced views of amateur, nort american drawers and b) simple ignorance. I must admit there are lots of Mexicans that do not know much about their pasts.
    Dude, the Aztecs are from central México. Perú is from South America and they have the inca/chibcha culture...
    I will look up the peruvian Quez in a while (I honestly have never heard of it),, but I most insist, dragon is strictly a chinese/european/whatever term. It can look like a dragon, but it's not a dragon.
    Ok, end of discussion. But we can talk about it here :) I believe the reason why a dragon comes up first on Google Images is because: a) Google is american and most of its images are uploaded by americans b) the obvious influence of chinese and Japanese culture is today's Mexican.
    Bulba has no issues displaying an avatar with a transparent background, except for when it has to resize it.
    I am not there. I have not joined any yugioh forums because I'm simply too lazy too. XD; And I'm also interested in the card game. Apparently you can't be interested in both the anime and the card game. XD;
    Jack and Yusei are great. Well, I was angry with the whole WINNING ISN't EVERYTHING asspull of a lost but whatever.

    Jack's character derailment though, holy crap. He and Aki are getting a brunt of .... fail |:
    I love your signature.

    However, I dislike crow.

    I'd much rather have raging hot sex with Aki. Hope you don't mind.

    Who do you like in 5D?
    Oh, I remember seeing Ryuzaki on Janime saying it's coming out in 2019. He was probably being sarcastic or something.

    But wow, that's actually... pretty interesting. But I'm glad it didn't bomb with the Japanese, lol. Still, a D? Wow.
    Well actually I like both of them the same, but if I had to say... Yu-Gi-Oh!. The reason I don't go on Janime as much as I used to is because it's really... "quiet" there, nowadays. 5D's just doesn't do it for me anymore, and the movie hasn't come out. TNKP isn't translating the manga quick enough, and, well... there isn't as much news coming out. I'm mostly here for the Gen V stuff.
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