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  • There's a remedy to that. China has its own "youtube", called "youku" (the name alone is a rip-off of youtube, I suppose -_-). There, you can find many animes, but in Japanese language and Chinese subtitles.

    I wouldn't say yu-gi-oh is better than pokemon yet, since I never watch the anime, but it has its goodie-goodie.

    Yes, they've been blocking Youtube since the past year.
    That's right, although I knew nearly everything of what's happening in the anime. I only read it, just like how I read everything what's going on in the anime of pokemon, in websites like bulbapedia or serebii.
    oh,interesting,did he say that in an interview(if it is I would LOOVE to read it!I always dreamed drawing like master kaz!) or in one of those extra pages of the yugioh-manga re-print?

    I just hope they get all the voice actors,I hate it when they change them for such a thing.
    they should dub the 10th anniversary movie and use the full version as the theme :p

    Oh and I saw the link you posted for Studio dice(Didn't knew Kaz had his own animation studio!haha),I just cant believe how much his style changed over the years!don't you think?
    hmmm hard question I prefer the japanese openings in both cases anyway ,I havent seen the 5d one in some time,give me a second to re-watch it xD

    EDIT: well,I don't feel like I can compare them,hyper drive is 40 seconds longer,with means it can actually put a song that feels like a song and add footage from the ending.Hyper-drive is catchy,and has a good passing, but it doesn't feel natural.Its like threw a bunch of clips and just cared about how they would fit with the music.With I think is something both openings do.
    I don't think that's really necessary when it's super obvious that the thread you're meant to be posting in is *right there*.
    Nope,although CN shows pokemon and other anime shows from the ninneties like inuyasha and card captor sakura,while Bayblade(first seasons)was shown in Fox kids(along with Shaman king and Digimon 1-4,5 being shown in Disney XD right now))
    I live in Venezuela*points profile :p * or in other words,Latin america. They aired yugioh dm and gx in nickelodeon,and 5d in a channel I don't own and cant remember its name.
    hmm,I see.Well I do remember watching the GX series as a kid in Nickelodeon and thinking it had good animation( those were all Hara´s part!xD).

    I think close to you is the best animated music sequence we have had in all the series.Those.Effin.Pretty.LIGHTS.
    "Precious Times, Glory Days, Believe in Nexus, and Close to You. In addition to some GX endings and DM openings. Not only that, but Hara does great episode art and animation, enough for some people to hate directors who do not use his style."

    Did Hara direct the ending"Eyes" ?I am curious,That is my favorite DM ending...
    well,yeah,I guess they at last tried,but still,there are,like,at last 20 different deities in the Inca´s culture,they could have chosen one,just one of them that wasn't good ol´ coalt!xD

    And don't you think they would be pissed if One made a cartoon and there was an episode about the "Korean Shoguns" or the "Chinese Samurais"?What goes around comes around!xD
    just saw it,d´oh,these are jack´s episodes ,should have check first xD

    Well,you were right about it being kinda hard to follow,but there is one thing that really really got me in this episode...

    "its Quetzalcoatl"

    Facepalm.Gigantic FACEPALM.I wanted to slam my head with the wall.

    Now onto 112...
    oh,I see...well,Ill start watching it right now xD

    But I hope there is some jack/rua/ruka OR aki action in the next episode....
    I just through...can you imagine if they named him "Pavarotti"(Luciano) instead ?It would have been hilarious to hear the characters try to pronounce that.A la clear mind.
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