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  • Nothing will ever be like the the 10th Anniversary Yugioh Movie. wait,It IS canon!?!?Everything about it!?even Ushio and Paradox´s existence?!

    Naah I have the same name,but never post xD

    Well,whats in the Yugioh dub that isnt present in the pokemon dub?Theres (sadly)anything,there are stupid name localizations,stupid plot holes,stupid voices,stupid intros that are nothing compared to the original ones,stupid censures...
    And it is there something worth shuning?yes,there is something really bad,and it is Team roket,belive me,I dont usually complain about dubs,just let them be,but this is something worth ranting over xD
    "Love the sig, it is nice seeing good animation here. Hara is great don't you think?"
    Yes,yes he is.I remember watching DM when I was little and going "oooh this part looks really great!I love yugioh!it has so much quality:D".Of course those pretty parts were directed by him haha

    "If you went to Yugioh forums, I am sure you would understand my post better. And who I am."

    I lurk in the Janime forums sometimes,I have seen some of your posts there I think...

    This conversation made me remember that I have yet to see ep 107 subbed,dark grasses here we goooo*runs to youtube*
    Awnsering this here since it would be off-topic otherwise :p

    "I feel once Pokemon gets a 3D movie, I will consider them at equal playing ground."
    I see...

    "He uses original names when comparing the two. The video example can be seen most, Agaki in Sean Shemmel? Sean does not voice Agaki, but Cyrus."
    Hmm..well,thats weird,I have read most of his comparations and I remember that he always uses that system...for example,(picking a random episode,005)"Originally, Takeshi's mom didn't pass away. She, like her husband, simply abandoned the family. I guess 4Kids didn't want Brock to have two deadbeat parents, so they killed one of them off."
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