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A Wild Luxray
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  • XD

    "Here comes Old Gregg he's a big scaly manfish. You don't know me. You don't know what I got! I got a mangina!!!!!!!!"
    Same here back in Aug! Gotten BW2 yet? I'm going to get B2 because Latios is in it :)

    Haven't got it yet too many projects to do before I get time to play it let alone buy it.
    I'll get to work on it. Should we limit the starters like in the previous? Also would you be a co-GM with me being you were previously so you know more of the further plot.
    Should I post a sign up that says "must be active" then? and mention you and Terra. Does he know Wild Candy deleted it by the way?
    Yup that's a way. we can try to redo the RP with Terra. It could be done as a PRP with us three unless you want more people in it.
    I don't see it in my subscribed threads either. Oddly enough the sign-up thread is still there. I think only staff can delete threads though so why would he have it deleted? Have you heard from him?
    Sorry to bother you, but if your going to catch Sneasal in the RP, try and do it soon so we can get a move on.
    I'm probably going to continue on without Singing in The Rain with the Sinoh Saga. We've been waiting long enough. I also see that your eager to get moving on in the RPG.
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