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  • Sorry for not responding sooner. I've been at work the past two days. I won't be home from work today until 10 my time. If you'll still be up I can fix that poke for you in under 5 minutes.
    Im so sorry about that second landorous. It is apparently untradeable and to altered to even put into pokebank now. :(
    Okay all your Pokemon are done! They are all what you wanted except for the second landorous. I couldn't change its ability if that's okay.
    Yeah I misplaced a pokemon Im trading someone else. I'll give you an extra something to compensate for the wait. My apologies!
    Thanks for trading with me! That was fun., I hope you enjoy your Illumise and Volbeat while I'll enjoy my new ditto and pickachu!
    Do you still have any of those diancie codes? Someone's offering me $30 for one if I get it to him today. (I'm the guy who gave you a shiny metagross, I just changed names)
    Ah, of course they would be tutor moves! For some reason I got it into my head that the Mew was untouched.

    Thanks for the clarification. I've got that event Mew, but it looks like you're going to get one of your DW birds so I hope you enjoy it.
    VM because I don't want to embarrass or show you up, I'm genuinely curious.

    I've looked up the event Mews I know of and I can't find one with those moves. Can you tell me what the OT/ID are?
    Dear a_c_31, I am so sorry for late reply and I tried to pm you but I thought this will be the quickest part to do. I was able to receive Diancie from other person, so I believe you would be able to distribute it to other person. I truly apologize for making this complicated and I am so sorry again.. but thank you so much for your quick response..! I appreciate it.
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