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Recent content by aaronluis26

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    iTrader & Wifi Trades

    I know that. My question was regarding the iTrader feedback system. After I posted this thread, I noticed people using it for Wi-Fi trades, so I'm guessing it's fine to use it for that as well as physical transactions made on the forums.
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    iTrader & Wifi Trades

    Is it all right to use iTrader for trades done over Wifi or is it limited to physical transactions?
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    In this topic, I will draw every single Pokemon in MS-Paint

    Re: In this topic, I will draw all 493 Pokemon in MS-Paint Hahaha, thanks for the new pics. I've really been enjoying them ever since I found out about them recently. Also, I love your captions xD
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    Kumo Avatars

    People have to stop asking whether Kumo forgot their requests. He's been really busy and is also backed up because so many people want one of his awesome avatars. Just be patient everyone. He'll eventually get to your request as long as he has time to do them :)
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    Tsutarja, Pokabu, Mijumaru localized: The long wait is over!

    I'll definitely get use to the English names, but I don't like that they changed the region name :/ Oh well, I'll get use to that too xDD
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    Kayumi's Sprite Shop (closed until I'm done some requests)

    Re: Kayumi's Sprite Shop Open For Business(With Gassies! No not THAT Gas! ) Would it be possible to get an Empoleon based PokeBall and an Empoleon based egg?
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    Kumo Avatars

    Would it be possible to get one for Empoleon? :O
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    Gray's Sprite Shop of Awesomeness!

    Thank you! :O They both came out really great :3
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    Gray's Sprite Shop of Awesomeness!

    Yeah, that's what I want :D Sorry. I should have phrased it better >.<
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    Gray's Sprite Shop of Awesomeness!

    Would it be possible to request and pillowshade and lineless Empoleon? :O
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    Least Favorite Eeveelution?

    Kind of surprised Flareon's design would be hated by people. I like all of their designs. I don't have much battle experience with any of them to comment on their effectiveness though xD
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    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    The last episode of anime I watched was probably over a month ago O.o I think it was an episode of K-ON!! xD EDIT: Actually I think I randomly watched an episode of Pokemon a few days ago, hahaha xD
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    Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    The first (and only) Shiny I ever encountered in the wild was Machoke in Mt. Coronet. I was trying to find the area to catch Feebas and encountered him randomly. It was pretty sweet :)