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  • That's actually great! I'm a big English nerd, so I love giving people reading suggestions :D My teacher introduced me to this guy, an author named Christopher Moore (http://chrismoore.com/); he's absolutely hilarious! So far I've only read Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck, and Bite Me, but they're some of my favorite books ever . . . Very adult as far as the themes go, but awesome nonetheless! They're about vampires who aren't very good at being undead, and it's very entertaining (though I promise they're better than Twilight if you didn't like that series) :)

    EDIT: Your username reminded me of Moore's books because Abby Normal is one of his stories' protagonists . . . She also happens to be my favorite character lol
    Yeah, my boyfriend absolutely loves that movie xD I think I appreciate your username even more now!
    Is your username by chance related to Chris Moore's books "You Suck" and "Bite Me"? If so, you're awesome :D
    No, I really agree with you on most of that stuff. Gen II is my favorite gen, the eeveelutions are some of my favorite pokemon (Umbreon is first BTW), And fire is one of my favorite types. You just have good taste (LOL).
    Sorry about the delay there, I had to walk my dog (or risk the wrath of MOM).

    Yeah, lots of those pokemon are awesome. Though the cute ones are in shorter supply since Gen IV had all of the new evolutions.
    LOL, I was just about to friend you. Fire types are nice, they're one of my favorite types (along with dark and steel). The eeveelutions are some of my favorites too. If it weren't for the anime Totodile (he was awesome!), I'd agree with you 100%.
    Yes, it's awesome.

    The Itemfinder (or the dowsing, Pbbt:rolleyes:) was my favorite app too. That was always the application that I had it set to. And I swear, you and me must have the same pokemon tastes. I disliked most of Gen III's pokemon (they felt similar to what had already been done IMO) too.
    LOL I'm not sure myself, mostly because I really want to know which pokemon are version-exclusive.

    I got Yellow first, then Crystal. And Emerald is really good, it's the best Gen III game IMO. It fixed most of the problems that R&S had for sure.

    LOL, I just realized what your avatar was saying. Nice! :lol:
    Yes. They were my favorite, simply because there were so many new ideas to compliment the first Gen. Crystal has to be my favorite Pokemon game EVER. Do you know which version you want to get?
    Sorry about that then. Still, Sapphire is still good. Though I prefer the games from Gen II. What about you?
    Oh, Sapphire? Sweet. And I'm happy to help anytime, just ask. Why no platinum though? Too afraid to take the plunge?
    After you push the soft reset buttons, the game starts back up at the title screen (with the shadow of your game's legendary). People usually save before a one-time only pokemon (like before choosing a starter) so that they can try and get a shiny pokemon.

    E4 = Elite Four. I was asking if you wanted any help in trying to beat them.
    Oh, it's good to know you got your answers then. Soft resetting is pressing the L, R, Start, and Select buttons at the same time (it saves time over resetting through other means), and chaining is VERY complicated. It took me a week before I got a shiny through chaining.

    Do you need any E4 help?
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