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  • I personally think that after awhile, Klefki might either end up tagging along with Sora as a companion, or that if it ends up having a strong enough Heart, it would gain a Keyblade of its own due to Sora accidentally performing the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony.

    Speaking of Klefki's and Keyblades, what effect would possessing a Keyblade have on Klefki? Would it gain some sort of stat boost, or will it stay the same except for gaining the ability to mess with Hearts?
    Say, I have a question. Since you're fellow Kingdom Hearts fan, what do you think would happen if the Pokémon Klefki tried to go after Sora's Keyblade? I mean, the Keyblade might would go back to Sora, but Klefki's Pokédex entries states that it'll never let go of a key it likes. I'm just wondering how Sera would get around that creatures quirk.
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