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  • Aw :( At least you will still have some free time here and there to watch anime :D
    I hope your first day back to school went well ^^
    Yeah it really is :/ I have a few friends down there and it's hard to communicate with them since the wifi connection is so slow. Hey it's my summer holidays too! Sadly, they are almost over now. But I am trying to make the most of them while I can, including watching lots of anime :D Wow, that's a lot of rain! You must carry around an umbrella a lot xD
    That's good to hear! Are you happy to be going home or did you wish you could have stayed longer?
    Yeah, moving is the worst >.> America is...interesting ehe. There are a lot of good things and bad things to say about it. Life is usually busy, but when the time comes for fun it can get pretty crazy. The weather varies quite a lot (like pretty much everything in the country), and there are a lot of unique and interesting people here. There's also tons of cool places to visit and food to eat, and just about anything you could ever want to buy can be bought here. I hope that was an okay description ehe c:
    How's the holiday going? c:
    Yeah I've heard it rains a lot there. And well, that's kinda complicated ehe. I was born in India, raised in Canada, and recently moved to America.
    Wow that's rough. It must through your eating schedule off balance too :c Hm I guess Germany or Japan xD And neat, you live in the UK! How's it like over there?
    Yeah jet lag is a real pain. Was your body able to adjust in the end?
    Ah Hetalia is awesome! Who's your favorite country? I wish I could read more manga, but my attention gets diverted too easily xD
    Hey I saw your message about your trip. Have fun! ^^ And have a safe journey :)

    And cool, what anime do you watch? I like to play games, watch anime as well, play soccer, and make people laugh :D
    Just to let you know- today I am going on holiday to South America. I'm going for a month so please don't think I've died. Some places will have wifi but it will be pretty slow :(
    See you all in a bit and have a nice summer holidays.
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