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Ace Trainer Liam

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  • Hey, we should probably plan when to do out battle since we're getting close to the deadline. I can't tomorrow (staying at a family member's house) or Thursday (Christmas eve), though, so it would probably have to be Friday night (the 25th). Are you free on that night at like range from 6-9pm EST? It is Christmas, so if not I understand, but I may also have plans the night of the 26th so it would be preferable.
    Erm, you mentioned at some point that you were inspired by AtLA in your SWC story, and that paragraph I quoted just reminded me a lot of that scene where Zuko finally learns lightning-bending (redirection?) and goes and yells at the skies to smite him because it's been wrecking his life so much and basically screwing him over whenever, and the lightning doesn't strike him and he just sits there screaming helplessly in the rain.

    ...that's all
    “No! Strike ME with lightning! Smite me! Do it, just fucking do it! I'm tired of this, I don't care about the how anymore, or the fucking when! Just hit me with lightning! Do it now!-” Lightning struck another building top nearby; the thunder knocked Michael off of his feet. He got back up as he screamed to the sky, “WHY?!” He ended with a sob. “Why do you let me live?! I've already accepted death! I've felt it's beckoning, it's going to happen, why draw it out?! Just do it!” Lightning flashed again, closer, but it did not hit anything. “FUCKING DO IT!” Michael bellowed in response to the thunder. But no more lightning flashed.

    “AAAAAHHHH!!” he screamed in a ferocious hysteria; clenching his eyes with his hands and falling to his knees, he continued with his agonizing shrill until his voice split in pain from the force.
    lol this at 19:08 tho
    hey! was hoping we could schedule a time to battle soon for randoms tourney. I know you have a busy schedule so let me know what works for you I can be pretty flexible.
    Wait, Scratch Thursday night, I forgot I have training that night. Maybe Thursday late morning/early afternoon but I doubt it. Possibly Monday night too, depends if I slack and procrastinate on homework.
    Yo Broham, I should be able to battle Thursday night (6pm on), Friday all day, and Sunday all dayish (might go to bed early Sunday because hella busy Monday)
    Hey, Liam. Sorry for vanishing during our battle; I had to run to a thing, and midterms have been another thing. I have spring break starting this weekend; would you be available to continue then?
    Yeah, although to be fair I don't really blame any of them since they had a new life and customs to adhere to. It's more the here who chose to not study the language and never speak it once after school.
    I'm nowhere near as lingual as you. I just know three and that's about it. Shame Irish is dying, was one of my best subjects xD
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