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  • If you still have the time for that article I could give it a look over what remains of my weekend. Just send me a quote or PM or what have you are the means here (still not used to the new forum, sorry) and I'll get back to you.
    Hey Ace, random bit that I can't believe took me this long to notice. The board was renamed back to Writer's Workshop(though without apostrophe) yet it looks like the majority of the threads still say Fairground and not Workshop. I'm sure that you know and whatnot but just pointing it out and that it might be confusing to newer users. Fairground Archive subforum also.
    I've not yet figured out how to send private messages on the new boards, so I just wanted to let you know that I suggest chapters 1, 3, 6, and 7 of Stainless Steel for the appropriate judges.
    I'm not sure if you've already gotten people or whatever but due to the group being down I'm just saying that if you still need judges for the awards I'd be more than glad to do it : )
    Hiya. How's it going?

    Also saw your message in the general chat thread and once again, I'd be down for taking a looksee over the newest 8ES chapter.
    Yeah, busy months are like, ugh. x,x

    Ah, it's fine. Figured I'd ask. And yeah, it ironically started as a writing aid, but I found it fun and actually enriched things even more. Sometimes, other people can spot what you may be missing better than yourself. At least, nothing's ever disappointed when I've tried it.
    Well, yes and no. A character of your design would be meeting Fritz, but it wouldn't be Alaska given chronological differentials and such. It's kind of complicated to explain (actually, worth blogging/talking about!), but I have a creative way of writing scenes involving people playing guest roles in certain scenes. RP exchanging is done to put the interactions together. There's basically full freedom to create when I do this with someone, beside from the possible constraints of a role and the world itself. I find it's fun, and useful for worldbuilding and filling niches you may have overlooked.

    So anyway, Part 3 in my fic features a lot of cross-Japan travel and meeting a lot of people and helping them out. I used the RP/guest character tactic in 3-2 for the traditional purpose, I figured it'd be a cool gimmick for the part in general. Which led to 3-4 having a guest character in for no reason other than being able to. You come to mind for such a task, though not sure where I'd put you yet. Up for such a thing?

    Although come to think of it, Alaska would actually fit a theme of my fic, though again, chronological differences. It'd be an interesting encounter otherwise.
    Oh, doesn't look like it's going to be important (hopefully!), so never mind.

    I could make a different kind of request though: what would you think of doing the whole RP-to-make-a-scene/guest characters bit with me, that I've done before and is kind of a gimmick in the latest part of my fic?
    Randomly, did think about entering the style rewriting, but it's been so long that I forgot most of it. In any case, if I find time to do it between my own writing and other stuff, I'd try exploring a first-person perspective. From Gideon's perspective. Get into the mind of a maniac.

    Also, may I make a request for something from you depending on circumstances of certain things~?
    I''m good, I've spent the whole weekend trying to get a project for video game developtment done.
    You got this! Don't lose faith even though I lost faith in my own writing long ago lol

    How's the work? What major are you, actually?
    Late as well but!! Review of what it became...most of my comments I've already stated. Definitely seems smoother now, though. I noticed that you had some weird formatting in it, namely with paragraph spacing. Not sure what was up with that...
    Ditto, heh. Although not so much willpower as it is time constraints--turns out second year of uni is just as hard as I thought it would be.
    It's been like that fr quite a while I think xD

    Well I don't really have any ideas.
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