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  • You are correct; that is indeed a Homestar Runner reference.

    "Yeah... Shut up, kid!"
    Same to you, kind sir. Thanks for your post on my fanfic, it made my day and inspired me to begin writing Chapter 3! Hope you continue to enjoy the gorgeous saga of Lysandre, and, for the record (in response to your user title), I too thought Eusine was a BAMF... perhaps I'll write him into a future chapter somehow xD
    You should read it for the other characters. There are more side characters that Hatori Bisco put in the manga.
    Comparing Haruhi to other heroines, I prefer Haruhi over those stereotypical shoujo/shojo heroines who really don't do anything. I have read so much shoujo romance manga that I can't think of an example now. Even though, I'm wondering whether I should re-read the manga though.
    Eusine was one of my favorite characters in the Johto arc of Pokemon Special.
    Hello. I love your signature. Did you watch the manga of Ouran High School Host Club as well? It has more detail than the anime did.
    The ending of that anime was rushed though and they introduced a character that never was in the manga.
    By the way, I find Eusine to be an interesting character and he is so nice to let the protagonist catch Suicune in HGSS when he realize that the protagonist is meant to catch Suicune; not him.
    Cool thanks, I have been trying to get into watching some different anime lately XD

    Recently I have been watching some Sailor Stars episodes along with some Ronin Warriors episodes (both of which I love)
    "S.A.R.E." stands for "Smogon Abuse Resistance Education", which is me thumbing my nose at elitist Smogonners. It's a riff on the D.A.R.E. campaign - "Drug Abuse Resistance Education; to keep kids off drugs" - from the '90s. (Actually, they may still do it in schools, I dunno.)
    I don't really particularly care about him one way or the other, per se...I just thought it was a funny picture.
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