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  • Nice. I can definitely see that, but eh, at least you get some on periods whenever you can. Sounds good. I am fine, summer holidays and all.
    Sorry, but I think I'm going to drop out of the RP. I'm kinda busy managing my own. Sorry!
    Dude I'm just not able to keep up with the RP. Shit keeps piling up and I'm just never available when things are progressing. I feel my inactivity is just slowing things down and that's not fair to the rest of you. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to step out.
    I'd love to but I'm on the road again today. (iPhone web browser in traffic jams ftw) I really have to apologize for such spotty activity. When I signed up I didn't expect the last two weeks to be so busy. Things should be better next week once I turn in a project I've been working on, but I do still have classes all day on Tuesday and Thursday so those will remain weird days.
    Just go ahead and join in. I'm not exactly sure where everyone is, but if nobody's in Castelia, you could come interact with Aldo512's and my characters at Black City, since that's somewhat close, and also moves you towards Opelucid.
    Yes, of course they can evolve! They're just like normal pokemon, except for the special connection to a certain human.
    Just make sure the Abra evolves with realistic timing.
    I was busy this morning celebrating my birthday with family. I popped on when I had a moment to see what had been posted overnight. I'm sorry I didn't realize you were waiting on me to join the conversation. I figured I would inject myself during the afternoon when everyone was sleeping off the cake and watching football.
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