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  • How do you feel about the confirmation of Iris and Cilan leaving? And what do the staff on the site you work for feel about this?
    Oh. I saw that as organic lifeform so I automatically thought they were making robots. mengo mengo lol

    I don't like asking people for help in that instance because people thank me for the translations. :[
    Okay I understand now. I'm not much of a vocal translator anyway.

    But I do want to ask what is it about my summary translations are that.. not that great? I think that
    I might be misinterpreting something but are you saying that people should just take your word for it? I mean yeah your right since I watched it for a 3rd time but I was wondering.

    I'm just saying it can be a possibility of things. Like what if the subber is a native speaker and doesn't speak English that much? I translate things, but being subber is something I can't do. I wish I could though.
    I understand but I do want to prove to people I'm not stupid you know. I like translating but it also is something to say "hey I'm not stupid". So for you to say that I'm lying made me upset to say the least. Specially since I am doing these without any help. I understand if this is your native tongue and everything but yeah...
    I guess... that makes sense. Now I'm wondering how everyone else understood me (unless bing).

    well I least i can ask someone if i can ask them a question correctly ;p
    I'm not sure if your trying to make fun of me or not lol

    But anyway, I just wanted to ask what I was doing wrong when typing? I mean I was responding the the show animator (who has a blog) and today he replied that he couldnt.... understand me. I'm not upset, I was wanting to ask you what the heck I'm doing wrong? ;-/
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