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  • Ah I see. I don't even use it, lol. I hope you don't mind but I had to get your message that contained it removed because I don't want it spreading around here for everyone to see.
    Yeah, I was talking about last year xD. Meh to such meh Pakistan ki garmi se mar jaon gi. Mane flood ke bare meh to bohat suna hai, puri dunya meh to yeh hi news hai, meri ami bhi Karachi meh rehti hai to fikar to hoti rehti hai. Flood victims k liye bohat absos hota hai, bichare log ne sub kuch kho lia hai or pata nahe bhooka mar rahe hain, Allah rehem kare. Sorry to hear that you're sick. Mane dua kar li thi fajr k time peh :p Sorry if my Urdu sucks, lol.
    "Gee meh bhi rozay rakh rahe hoon" lol. Yeah, University does come in the way (especially since I commute for an hour) but I'm fortunate this year because my classes start in September. Wahan ka mosam to mujhe pata hai, meh pichle July or August Pakistan meh hi thi.
    Oh hey, thanks happy Ramadan to you too! Yeah I'm fasting, it's a bit harder this time around because of the timing. I speak Urdu (well, I try to anyways haha)
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