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  • I know how you feel xD trust me on that.

    It's okay, english isn't my first language either so I understand.

    In the RP section? well basically just RP and make sure everything's in order, not a lot happens.
    Yeah I just became a Garden Grotto mod but I´ve been a mod of the RP section for about a year.

    Wow that´s a lot of jobs to do, though they all sound busy.
    I know right xD what makes me laugh is that everyone instantly associates the two once they see the dog.

    But yeah it's nice to meet a Kuroko fan :)
    Ooo I did not. Thanks for that tidbit. My little brother will especially want to know =3
    I LOVE your avy!! Kise vs Aomine !! XDD And Tetsuya 2 in your profile is so cute!! XDD
    Thank you! I knew my execution was a little noobish (really, the most relevant picture I could find was that pixelated Twitter icon) but I'm relieved that it turned out okay. I always wanted to write a Bulbanews article!
    Congratz on your promotion Ady~ I can't believe last year you were a JA and now you're almost the head of Bulbanews *Feels old*
    Ok, thank you for telling me, I also like the Dragonball series and I'm interested in this movie. When reading your signature I also noticed that the new movie will release in Japan on my 21st birthday :)
    I've noticed in your signature that Dragonball Z is back on 30.3.2013. What do you mean by this? :)
    :bheart: It's kinda sad they are ignoring the kanto starters, but they have to advertise other Pokemon now I guess :p
    Shame though. Considering this is the last chance we can go together as a class, it's a shame people either can't or don't want to go.

    Way South. Kerala.

    Didn't know there was another Hyderabad. Mind=blown. :O
    Same thing what I would do when I don't have class. :D

    Cool. Mine ended way back at the end of April, and it was just chilling for two months. Next week we've a class trip for a week to Hyderabad/Chennai etc....if we can get enough people. Not many people want to go for some reason. :<
    OMG THANK YOU FOR BEING PERFECT AND SHIPPING COMASHIPPING!!! ;_; I want them to face off in the champion leagues or something when they grow up...or just eat ice cream by the shore at sunset and kiss or something. Both scenarios seem pretty unlikely XD

    Oh GOD. I'm sorry that you have to see all that, sometimes, I forget that my subs can see what I like/favorite XD

    Thank you! I'll try my best! xD
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