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  • Yeah, I'm actually liking the Gym Leader Burgh thing...I think it's my favorite username change since "ShinjIteru" XDDD

    I wish I could make my demographics as wide as Dento's hips, but alas...most of them just cater to yaoi fangirls XDDDDD I'm totally okay with that though THANK YOU!!! Gah, sometimes, I watch it when I miss the days of ComaShipping, I am so PATHETIC. TSUKAENAI YATSU~~~
    Your name is all capitalized!! (So fancy ;P)

    And lol, thanks for the comment on my Ash vs. Paul vid XD I seem to be the target of a lot of homophobes on YT, endless entertainment XD
    Hey, son. Can you give me a clean non-grainy picture of myself? I need an avatar, around 120 X 120. I love avatars!
    Hey you know,
    I was reading Swellow's article & I think Ash's Swellow should learn move like-
    -Heat Wave
    -Steel Wing
    Swellow can learn most of those move by tutoring So I think this move's count !
    Man , Swellow gonna be a Badass pokemon if he learn these move !
    Hiya XDD
    YES!! It's literally a basketball manga/anime about high school basketball. The story is really good - and the basketball scenes are pretty awesome. All the characters are likable - none of them have the same personality, so it's also got plenty of diversity.

    The anime only started three weeks ago, so you might want to try the manga first. LOL
    U know , I was wondering about the girl who will be with Ash when he finally win a League !!!
    Should she be considered as Ash's ''Lucky Girl'' ?
    If The show end without Ash winning a League then writer will be cheating us !
    I think I know the artist who drew your avatar; she does a lot of Paul x Silver stuff ^_^ they're perfect for each other, I tell ya!

    Haha, thank you ^^; I might as well be fresh meat, since I've yet to acquaint myself with all the mod stuffz again.
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