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  • I was wondering if you are still interested in that in that Jirachi for that Gamestop Deoxys UT Lv. 50 Calm [06218], i still havent hacked checked it since my ds broke a while ago?
    Hey, I'm still interested in any of your Wish event pokemon. I can trade:

    -TRU Shaymin
    -All three Crown Beast events
    -Japanese Pineco
    -Winner's Path Bounce Magikarps
    -Winner's PathSelfdestructing Munchlax
    -Quick Attack Trapinch
    -Winner's Path Brine Horseas
    -Shiny Rotom
    -Shiny Cyndaquil
    -2 Shiny Dialgas
    -Two Timid Zapdos
    -EV Trained Gengar
    -Shiny Gastly
    -Shiny Phione
    -Shiny Kangaskhan
    -Shiny Tyrogue
    -Shiny Bronzor
    -Shiny Castform
    -Summer 2010 Event Jirachi
    Hi there, I'm interested in the following:

    Shiny Pineco
    Shiny Scizor (Japanese)
    Shiny Lunatone
    Shiny Spheal
    Shiny Rotom
    Shiny Garchomp
    Shiny Combee
    Shiny Latias
    Shiny Deoxys (Japanese)

    I am willing to offer anything from my shop for each, please take a look. Thanks.
    hey i guess you haven't checked your thread in a while lol but i am interested in one of your Han Gook Mews, if it is still available. i can IV breed whatever you want. Mew is the only legendary i don't have as of yet so the help would be much appreciated :)
    Hey, I'm interested in your Wish Kangaskhan and Wish Lickitung. I can offer:

    EV trained Latias

    Giratina lvl 72 Slightly Touched

    Entei lvl 40 UT

    Raikou lvl 40 UT

    Suicune Lvl 40 UT

    lot of items

    Do you still want to trade with me? o_O;

    EDIT: It's good to see you're back on BMGf. =]

    *Lugia knocks on wood*
    That's good then.

    If you wanted to you could let me know what time you would be on at and we could try that maybe.
    I would still like to trade you the Finland 10ANIV Entei for one of your well-natured German Michina Arceus if you don't mind.

    I am also interested in your PAL Lucario, so I am hoping we could trade.

    Thanks! ^^
    lol Sorry, I haven't been on as much as I once was. x_o; But I'm glad you were able to find what you needed for that trade! =D
    just so you know i did get it off the GTS so if it is a hacked Jirachi it's not my fault and get in trouble with the admins or if you hate hacks
    Yes, I have heard of converting files like that. It just sounds like a very long and tedious process. I may look into doing something with that later, thanks.

    A well-natured German Michina sounds great, thanks. I am available to trade whenever, so just let me know! =D
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