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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    hm... Tracey?
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Correct! You get the next question! (I know it was an easy one...)
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Name what has gotten into Brock's "way of getting girls" (I.E. Pokemon and People)
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Pikachu (XDD), Togepi, Maril, Umbreon, Glameow...
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    OOOH!!! YAYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! It's back guys! It's really really baack!!! =DDDD ... I must be dreaming... *pinches self* OUCH!... I'M NOT!!! IT'S BACK! It's back! *jumps up and down like a child on suger rush and starts happy dancing* What movie would you like to see Ash and May in? Hm...
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    Snog, Marry, or Avoid?

    AVOID!!! (what's snog mean anyways?)
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    The Genrai Saga

    The Genrai Saga Summary: A young girl named April takes on the Genrai region. With entirely new (made up) pokemon and adventures. What will she haft to face? Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Romance Rated: PG-13 (parental guidance is suggested for those under 13 years of age. For reasons of...
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Agreed! Along with the: XD This thread is soooo amusing, I'm glad I'm an advanceshipper!
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    I join! 8D
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    The RPG directory

    Title: Pokemon Anime Act Out Thread! Game Master: advanceshipper!<3 Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Cartoon Description: Act out certain episodes from the pokemon anime dub series. Role play as who ever and pretty much put how YOU as the character would act. Status: Signs ups open Sign up...
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    What does the future hold for Dawn now that DP is winding down?

    ... I hope it's the truth.... I like Dawn alot... =( I seemed to adore the idea of a female finally being treated like the heroine, in which we deserved years ago!!! They seemed to be bringing the heroine idea to many NOW anyways... I mean she saved the hero and the pikachu in the beginning and...
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    What does the future hold for Dawn now that DP is winding down?

    Just curious but how does togekiss have anything to do with any sort of twist?
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    Poké~Gal's Avatar & Banner Island

    Is she ok? I heard from a friend that she does great banner's so I want to make a shippy request! Could I have a couples banner on vineshipping? (may's bulbasaur and ash's bulbasaur in the anime?)
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    What songs remind you of AdvanceShipping? I was listening to the radio earlier and thought about this, so good timing my friend! (do I always think about advanceshipping?) anyways here's the link to the video that has the lyrics on youtube: It's...