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Recent content by AegisIsKing

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    Your regular team in Sun and Moon

    I used a lot of the new Pokemon, but later on I didn't have the patience to catch the rare ones. My final team ended up being: - Incineroar - Toucannon - Lycanroc - Passimian - Kommo-o (Physical-based, but as I later found out, had terrible attack IVs) - Solgaleo (Used an Abra to get Adamant :D)
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    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    The first posts mentioned the obvious 10000 hour tutorial of death...and when I skipped to this page I ROFL'd at Lillie looking like Buzzwole XD
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    Wonder Trade (Sun & Moon)

    I'm breeding for a 6IV Litten, so I have a lot of 4IVs and 5IVs in my box. I thought I'd Wonder Trade them, but all I really got were Caterpie, Magikarp, and Mudbray, and none of them had good IVs or anything. Although I did somehow get a 4 or 5IV (with the other stats pretty high, too)...
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    Least Favourite Pokemon?

    Make that 3. - Oricorio: Great concept, but it 1) looks stupid, 2) has a stupid (and annoying) cry, 3) learns Teeter Dance, which is also annoying - Kommo-o: Because they didn't give it Close Combat. Even Crabominable gets it... - Salandit: Its stats suck and I have to cope with it until it...
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    Favorite Pokémon of each type.

    Volcarona Zoroark Dragonite/Salamence Ampharos Granbull? Lucario Charizard Pidgeot Gengar Sceptile Krookodile Beartic Ditto Muk/Alolan Muk Gardevoir/Gallade Tyranitar Aggron/Metagross Blastoise
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    Mistyped moves

    I've been wondering the same thing, I don't get why Lick is Ghost type. Maybe it's because it's creepy? I'd be freaked to death if someone licked me :( Dragon Hammer. I get why Dragon Claw and Dragon Tail would be considered Dragon type, because dragons typically have sharp claws and prominent...
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    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    Re: That one agonizing moment… First reply *YAY* Me, well, I don't mind losing a shiny Pokemon, haha :P But one terrible moment I had while playing HeartGold was the fight against Morty. His Gengar swept my team within seconds, and so I sent out my Pidgeotto. Thankfully, Sucker Punch only has...
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    New here, hoping to make some friends

    Hey there! I'm new here, too, so I hope we can be friends :)
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    Hello :D

    Thanks, everyone, I hope I can get to know everyone better soon :) Sounds fun!
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    Hello :D

    Hi, I'm AegeanKnight. Um...(how should I start this?)...I'm a Korean-American kid, except I like America better (spoiled brat, heheh). I'm generally a very random person (I spout random things all the time...maybe I just watch too much YouTube :p), and have a (slightly) serious case of...