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  • It's alright. xD Life has a way of getting busy and our interests can change over time, though I hope your experiences while away have been pleasant.

    It's been alright here. I'm ot a big fan of the cold, but the right combination of circumstances has turned our back patio into a good mini ice rink. xD
    The busiest season of the year at work has passed, which is good with school starting up again next week.
    And then there's all the hype around XY. Are you pumped as well, or was the announcement more lukewarm for you?
    That does sound rough. @[email protected] And you're not the only one who needs better study habits. xD; The most I usually do (other than cram. I know, horrible student. >>) is write down notes in class on scrap paper, then rewrite them afterwards in more detail to get what I missed when the teacher was lecturing too fast for me to get everything down. I think it helps, but it's probably not the best study tool for everything.
    Glad to here things are going well in your corner of the world. ^^
    Best of luck with that, especially calc.
    Swap that out with sociology and psychology and I'd agree. xD
    It's Naruto, but with grim reapers and dead people. You're not missing much. xD Intense geometry is not something I'm familiar with, lol. I can't even begin to imagine.
    Why? They're only taking the classes because they have to?
    All of the above, for me. xD Some people excelled at it though. It's funny because Pre-Calc (which also had an awesome teacher) was a breeze, but then once I got to AP I just slowly went downhill. I still passed with a B because I did all the homework and went in for help after class two to three days a week (I really did try to understand it, and by doing this I got the gist of each day's lesson. But on the test when everything came together I'd get confused and then...eh. But again, just me.)
    I thought of a fat version of Hitsugaya from Bleach for a second. xD
    Does she offer extra credit? Other than that and studying like there's no tomorrow I'm not sure what else can be done. :s
    You're very dedicated. AP Calc as a junior? I died in that class in my senior year. Teacher was awesome, I just couldn't wrap my head around it.
    Here's hoping. :cheers: Lol, not that I know of.
    Bah, it's better that it doesn't drag on too long, as I'm guessing that part you sowed me was just to set the scene of the plot, right?
    Also, I know this ha probably lost all relevance, but did you ever get that flawless ditto? :p
    Depending on why it was late I could see her point, but I'm sure you had a good reason for it being late, yes?
    It's a slight disappointment in that I learned about this stuff a few years back already and just need this class for math credit. xD; So those two 'soon's negated each other in that sentence and it'll be out later? :p
    Man that sucks. You'd think they'd just ignore those. :/ What did your teacher say about it?
    Mine averaged out to be a 94. Good, but there's always room for improvement.
    {When I'm writing papers that are supposed to be "in my own words" I always...well, not get angry, but just kinda wonder to myself if it really sounds like me, since I don't use half of those words in daily conversations. xD But congrats on maturing in your writing style.)
    Pretty good. Wondering what I got on my math test. We'll see how that turns out tomorrow. xD
    Surprised at what you wrote or surprised at how much you wrote?
    {I've experience that feeling before a few times myself. xD}
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