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"Midlife Crisis" (ˈmɪdˌlaɪf) noun: When you concoct a meticulous plan to go to Best Buy and purchase SoulSilver because you haven't played the games in 3 years and really miss them, so you fabricate a story to your dad that you're buying something for a nameless foreign exchange student that's leaving in a week, sweat a few gallons at the check-out line when the cashier jokes, "Is this for you?" as you also fabricate that it's for your little cousin, then when you go home, you hide in your closet and subsequently feel like a boss for doing all that work merely for a Pokémon game. And, a few months later, you realize it was completely worth it.

Obscure artistic things
Within the Conduits
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Gym Badge
Mistralton City Jet Badge
Rocket Scientist


Coming someday! Eventually! Seriously!​