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  • Along with Gandalf. With two famous wizards' approval it must be true!
    Fun fun fun~
    That can be tricky. It took me awhile to find a decent gif of my avy. But wow, only five minutes of editing, impressive. :eek: (At least to me, due to my lack of talent involving most things artistic. xD)
    Indeed, almost magical.
    Annoying personality/voice? (If she's not married I bet she had loads of fun with that when she was in school.)
    :thumbup: How long did it take you to make it?
    I usually disdain fanfics because pretty much every writer of the ones I've read has a plot but doesn't actually know how to write. However, yours is incredibly well described and even though it's just introducing the background to the story (as it's the beginning), it's much more interesting than all of the fanfics that just have dramatic things happening at random, so I anticipate how you tell it at the plateau of its excitement.
    Great stuff (in my opinion, anyway; you'll have to ask the much more experienced people in The Writer's Workshop for a proper review) and I hope the rest of it is as good as its opening buildup. :-D
    No worries, it took me awhile before I figured it out too. xD Same with [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse] to show the BB code without having to stick an asterisk in the middle.
    Sounds like a pretty solid story length.

    Good choice, that class was great, very interesting. Er, at least for me. Seemed pretty practical too, since you can apply it to your everyday life. I hope you get the same enjoyment out of it as I did. ^^

    P.S. Your current avy is cute and perfect for your username. xD
    Damn, almost. Well "aerospace" sounds like "air o' space" which is like "air of space" which is like air space, which is taken up by planes/rockets. That should work.

    Thanks, I got 92% for it, but I don't think the examiner was best pleased about me playing a song from a game. :p

    SOPA may be dead, but apparently ACTA is going to be even worse. :S

    I think it goes [spoiler*][/spoiler] but without the asterisk. :-D
    {Thank goodness. :phew:}
    It's [noparse][/noparse]. Not as obvious, but more simple. ^^
    I hope not, though it seems very hard to be completely original after so many works have been written over the years. :loopy:

    Lol, it came up in my psych classes before and I've experienced it myself, so I get where you're coming from. xD
    If you wanna rant feel free. xD Overall good. Not great, but compared to others less fortunate it looks heavenly.
    That's a good idea, that way your main fic will be in perfect form when you finally do post it. ^^

    Should I be concerned you know what Lysol tastes like, or chalk it up to the link between scent and taste? xD
    Hello again, sorry to hear about the work and that. It'll be worth it once you're doing aerospace...ing in...space (did I say that right?)

    I've just finished a week of tests on every one of my GCSE subjects (there's about 11 of them) so I'm glad to have that over so I now have 3 days off in which to practises for music practical exam
    I'm doing the r/b/y wild Pokemon battle theme on piano, which has an intro that is much harder to play than I thought, mainly because it sounds like a keyboard on steroids.

    Oh yes, that little gem. The worst thing is that lots of countries will be affected because internationally popular American sites will have to be much stircter with their content and put in major censorship in order to stay out of trouble, sadly. It would definitely be worse for you, though, so good luck with that whole dealie (and your calculus homework).

    Great, I look forward to reading it ^^
    Well done! Since you have 32 in English I'm expecting the fan fic to be the best I've ever read (don't worry though, I've only read parts of about three fan fics and they were awful).

    Good, just tell me when you're ready then. (and once again may I remind you this team has no order, plan or strategy and isn't even lv100)

    Wow, the last time I wrote 19 000 words was when I was scrawling them on the walls of a psychiatric hospital I...um...had a really long essay.
    Thank ya kindly~ That episode is one of my favorites.

    's all good, I figured you were off having a life. xD That's a whole lot of words you've got in that story of yours. @[email protected]
    I know, right? I can be awfully sneaky like that. >:3c
    Aww why not? :( (Well it can't be a very good clinic if they have gardening tools running the place.)

    Green Skittles = Lysol? :eek:
    No worries, for real. xD

    Yay for persistence~

    You and me both girl. And the ones that leave you with a pit in your stomach...I mean, we both know the characters are fictional, but to evoke such an emotional response from you, that's some pretty good writing.
    Aw fine, be that way and don't share the secret with me. :p
    Seems like a good way to go. That way there's no pressure for an update schedule.
    Enjoy that oddly-cane-shaped gift~

    D'aaawww. x3 Did you end up doing that in the time it took for me to respond? (Apologies for that, school, work, bleh. x.x)
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