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  • Wow, have you done it by now then? Did you have any studying to do or was it like an IQ test sort of thing? If you haven't done it yet then have some of that luck I've been told about. :-D

    When you get it done I can battle you with my HG in-game team (since I used it for the storyline it is in no way competitive and will probably suck compared to yours)

    A blurb is a short description of the book written on the cover (unless I spelt it wrongly) so that's pretty much what I wanted. :p
    So like a new region you made up yourself?
    No problem, sorry to hear you've been so busy.
    What's the test on, exactly? Aerospacing...and...that? :p

    I'm doing pretty alright. My team is almost ready - I just have to get the pokemon to level 100. My life is exciting.

    What sort of fanfic is it? (I don't know anything about fanfics, I'm just assuming there are different types :S) If it were to be a book, what would be the blurb?

    Very nice, but what would you be exploring? Mars? You best be; they'll run out of planets in our solar system to be the first person on all too soon. D:
    The urge to post a crap "reach for the stars" pun has never been so strong for me as right now, but I'll try to control myself.

    Good luck on the test and reach for the stars!

    That'd be good. What kind of things are they about? :D

    It's fine, I'm mostly not completing it because of procrastination to be honest...

    Ah, that sounds like a great job. My brother went to NASA once and said it was brilliant. Do you work as an aerospace engineer or is that just something you want to do?
    How did you lose it?

    Fanfics are good, at least the 10% that aren't crap. *nods* Which fandom(s) did you read fics for? And what will be the subject of your fic?

    *hands you oddly-shaped wrapped package* Don't open it until Christmas though, it's supposed to be a surprise.
    Oh, sorry to hear about that. :S How did you find it in the end?
    Cool, whereabouts do you put them and can I read one? :-D

    I'm fine. GCSEs are hella hard so my hail team has been put on hold...
    Nice, can't wait to see how your first battle goes with it. :D
    A belated happy birthday to you then. :p

    Ah. I can't be bothered to google it, so may I ask what exactly that is? :S
    Indeed. Where you been gurl? >:/

    Happy almost Halloween and a belated "congrats on surviving another year of this thing we have dubbed as life!" to you! :D And yes, you are old. Would you like me to get you a cane as a present, grandma? :p
    You are not forgiven! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
    I kid, I kid. You must have a lot of work at the moment.
    Good luck with that. You could just get both and switch them in and out of your team if all else fails.

    LugiaLady is a cliché? :p
    What made you go with Aerospacer?
    Pretty much, especially when it comes to our own kitties. :3 And yes, they are quite striking~

    If you do get the chance to watch them I hope it's an enjoyable experience rather than a bore for you. ^^
    We probably have loads of weird customs here, can't really say any off of the top of my head though.
    Aha, yeah that sounds incredibly tedious. :p
    That kind of depends whether you plan on using Dual Screens as a lead or if you have a different Pokemon on your team to make a good lead. Uxie would be good to keep as a lead if you need DS to lead, because it can use SR, while Latios can't really use Wish to start with (not very effectively anyway), and even if it can switch and come in later after DS, something like t-tar or CB Scizor could come and really do some damage with Pursuit while you switch (or Crunch/U-Turn if you don't). Latios would be better for sweeps later in the game though...
    ...and that.

    Ah, that sounds pretty cool actually. xD
    Playing Devil's Advocate I see.
    Frustrating to be sure. I'm wondering if they'll develop mental problems from the trauma of wearing them what must feel like an eternity to them, along with sore necks. But there's no other way that I know of to keep them from licking their paws and scabs. :S
    Click click~

    I'd highly recommend them due to their classic status. It's been thoroughly absorbed into pop culture all over the world, as you yourself already know from already knowing two of the plot twists related to Luke's family tree. xD
    That said, they're not for everyone. I was introduced to these movies when I was six, so there's some rosy retrospection in watching them nowadays that covers up the cheesy lines and simple plot. (Later on in the new trilogy they get more complicated to the point of not-making-sense-but-let's-throw-it-in-there-anyways. And while the plot of the movies themselves are simple, the expand universe is immense.) Also, a major component of it is Rule of Cool. I don't recall if they ever explained how Lightsabers work or know how to only extend so far, but damn what would I give to have one. [IMG]
    They're cute when they're not causing destruction around the house. x3
    Although for the next week or two they're stuck with cones on their heads after having surgery to get fixed. I can upload a clip of them wrestling with them on later, if you're interested. It's probably not as funny as I think it is, but it may still be a bit cute for others to view.

    Rewatching those movies again my friends and I made fun of how big of a whiner he was at first. xD
    Oh now I understand why I was told not to wear white last time I went there. :p
    Wow, I can hardly stick battling 16 Pokemon to EV train let alone over a hundred. xD
    Great, so how many of your team have you got now? I miss the following around feature...

    Wait, how do you get them onto your game? Do they come via GTS or is it some sort of download?
    Ah, Labor Day...what does that celebrate exactly? I've heard of it before and there's something about wearing white, I think. Pardon my ignorance. :S
    Going really well thanks, I've got 5/6 members RNG'd with one fully EV trained but the last one has to be RNG'd on Gen 4 for SR so I'm still waiting for a trade that has been agreed. Nice, shiny Gallade is so amazing...

    Yeah maybe, if this Gen 4 trade doesn't work out. xD
    From Futurama, yep yep.

    D'aw, thank youse. :> Here's some more pics of them, if you want to peak:
    The part where he was whining about going to "Toshi Station" to pick up some "power converters"?
    Bender Bending Rodriguez had a cat? :eek:
    My avatar is a pic of one of my kittens.

    And a lucky one at that. Which segment did you watch?
    Wow, that sounds like a lot for the first week. 0_0
    I know, I've spent weeks testing it on PO. XD
    Is this for your Gen 4 team? If so I'd go with Heatran, because he covers Dragonite's 4x Ice weakness, which Garchomp would just add to. But otherwise, yes, SV Garchomp in Sandstorm would be hard to beat. :p

    I think I've heard of it but I just don't have a good memory. :-D
    Nah, I wouldn't worry about it. You're doing something you'd be able to do anyway only faster, which in the midst of all your work would normally take ages. People do that all the time. If you want to battle in proper online battles or trade you'd pronely* have to do it legally though.

    *Edit: Pronely? Seriously, autocorrect? I meant to say probably. :p
    Oh, sorry to hear about that. School starts in a week for me so I'll know how you feel. :p
    Yeah, Heatran can be a real beast.

    That sounds good. I know what you mean, when classes start for me next week I'll have no time to continue making my Hail team. :S

    Hmm, for some reason I've never heard of PokeGen. XD
    Is it some sort of battle stimulator or a cheating device?
    Whooooaaaa I totally forgot that part of the movie. It was neat, but not scary. For me anyways.

    One of my favorites scenes was the seven Harrys scene. "Bill look away! I'm Hideous! >.<" XD
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