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    Expanded evolution lines of previous Pokemon you'd like to see?

    Mawile is the top one I want to see get an expanded evolution family. I'm not really sure why I like Mawile, maybe because it's just awfully adorable.
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    VG Weekly Poll #9: Who was the hardest Gym Leader?

    Without any second thoguths, it has to be Whitney. Not only is her infamous Miltank absurdly powerful and bulky, the fact that I used Cyndaquil most of the time doesn't help. On Gen III, Liza and Tate gave me problems. Using Blaziken was no fun when againt them.
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    New Type Combos

    If Nintendo would give us a Ghost/Steel with a decent ability (Levitate preferrably) and good base stats, I'd love Gen VI forever. Other interesting combinations I'd like to see would be Ghost/Normal, Ice/Fire (can't count Kyurem), Fighting/Ghost, and Poison/Psychic. There isn't a lot of...
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    The Official "Rate my One Pokemon" Thread

    Ah, lure I see. Guess I can't help you, sorry.
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    The Official "Rate my One Pokemon" Thread

    This is an interesting set for a Cresselia since it actually is a bit offensive. I don't know if you already had a defensive core, but I personally prefer Cress to be a wall (be it physical or special). This could work I suppose, although the defensive sets work better. Besides, stalling to work...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) Yea, it will.
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    Favorite Fire Starter

    1. Torchic - The moment I played Gen III, I fell in love with the little chicken. I loved its design throughout its evolution chain plus it also has decent stats. To add to its physical characteristics, Gen V also gave it Speed Boost which made me love it even more. 2. Cyndaquil - Out of all...
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    Battle Center Discussion #6 - Garchomp

    Eh, fair point. Although I honestly think Fire Fang's BP is a bit too low.
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    Battle Center Discussion #6 - Garchomp

    Wouldn't Fire Blast be better? It has a much higher BP and hits Skarm's Sp Defence...although Garchomp does have a fairly low Sp Attack.
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    Battle Center Discussion #6 - Garchomp

    I think it would be great for Garchomp to be OU. Although its Outrage is weaker than Dragonite and Salamence, I'm going to expect its usage to skyrocket to at least top 10 since it does outspeed all the other pseudo-legendaries plus it doesn't lose out on the Attack stat by a huge margin. I'm...
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    Genesect Discussion Thread

    Genesect is one tough opponent. I've seen the Life Orb set and damn, it's deadly. With decent Speed and excellent Special Attack, as well as access to all elemental beams, hardly anything can stand against it. There's Heatran though, who's immune to Flamethrower and quad-resists Ice Beam and...
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    VG Weekly Poll #54 Have you used a player character of the opposite gender?

    I have, although these files weren't meant to last long. However, in Black 2/White 2, I might play as Mei instead. I dislike Kyouhei and Mei looks pretty well-designed.
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    Competitive team help

    Well, we sort of need information on your team and what metagame you play. Also, constructing a team that is unbeatable is quite impossible since every team can be countered. However, I'll give you general advice. Make your team have multiple types and not stick with a single type. Make sure...
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    Am I the only one around here who...

    Nope, I find it old too, but I hardly care about the places in the game, so I probably don't count Am I the only one who hates Charizard for no reason at all?
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    RMT : OU (Non weather)

    U-Turn with Swords Dance kinds of ruins the boost, but it will catch a lot of people off-guard...