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  • That's insane! I'm not getting my hopes up for a March release just because it seems albums are always getting pushed back nowadays. I'm so ready though, I know she's gonna bring it! Plus, I'm glad she's on RCA, they are a good label, much better than Epic was.
    Lol, do you really want that to happen?
    Well yeah, otherwise the thread would have been closed :p
    This is the only forum I've ever bothered to joined but nickstr has told me all about that. Yeah that's unfair. The thing is all of her fans that I've come across are so nice and pleasant. It's not like we go around bashing other characters.

    This place is a lot nicer. The Misty Club and Pokeshipping threads have been open for years and never get any haters ambushing them. There's a certain level of respect where that's concerned but any other thread is a free for all, even if it isn't about Misty it usually ends up being about her in the end.
    I felt like that at first but they've been here longer than I have so I can't really say it would be better off without them. The thing is they're minority and for every comment one of them makes there is usually 4 or 5 people who will step in and put them straight. So it gets less frustrating.

    I see you're friends with 'pokemon fan 123'? He was the first person I became friends with one here. He's a very good poster who's always there to defend.
    They're like a pack of wolves they even have they're own social group.
    I think it's quite funny at this point. I know what my opinions are and they are not gonna change them.

    And truthfully, I think the forums would be a lot more boring without them.
    He's one of those forum veterans who think they know everything.
    Trouble is, he's no where near one of the worst ones.
    Showing him you're mad is just going to appease them. If he wants to be immature, fine. If he wants to have a serious discussion about Misty, fine. Derailing threads to insult or call people out is not fine.
    I thought we did, and that we were friends. o_o Guess not, lol.

    Yes, but adding to the fights just power him up. If you just ignore him, he'll stop. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind, but turning the other cheek proves you're right.
    Heh, I thought we talked more? :B I'm find, thank you for asking. What's wrong? Anything I can do to help?
    Hi,nice talking to you again.,So what are your impressions about Best Wishes so far?
    They are ok to me and i think tha Iris is definitely being judged by some fans unfairly.She is good character,has funny personality and she will eventually get to do something with her story still being veiled with mystery.But i guess to some if female doesnt hog screentime like Dawn did she is viewed as "worthless".
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