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  • Oh wow, it looks like the PSS isn't allowing me to trade you the Pokemon I nicknamed! I've never seen that happen before. It keeps saying "there is a Pokemon in my party that cannot be traded." I assume it's referring to the Diancie.

    What do you want to do?
    They're ready. I'll head back online.

    I'm not able to check their IVs with the Stats Judge yet in my copy of Omega Ruby (where I do all my hacking), but I ran their stats through an IV calculator and they should have 31s in everything.

    I also cloned a copy of the original, so all 3 you requested should be set.
    4 PM Eastern works for me.

    Yep, I can clone it twice and give the two hacks those nicknames. I can give them perfect IVs too and leave a copy of the original untouched.

    As for compensation, they are free. Hacking with PowerSaves takes very little effort overall, so I prefer to get any compensatory Pokemon/items for when I breed or trade legit Pokemon (which I still do for any non-legendary Pokemon that is obtainable in-game through breeding).
    I did a test run with my own Diancie – it worked! I renamed my Diance "Chrysus" like you want yours nicknamed.

    Let me know when you can send me your Diancie and I'll rename it for you. I should be free throughout most of today and tomorrow. Did you want any other editing done to it (nature, IVs, etc)?

    My Friend Code is listed on my profile. IGN is Scott.
    Hello, do you still need/want your Diancie nicknamed? I'm very sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. If you're still interested in nicknaming your Diancie I should have some time this weekend to do a test run using my own.
    No problem. If there's any issues with the Ditto whatsoever, do let me know and I'll fix it immediately. Thank you for Golett.
    My dad's place didn't have internet earlier, but now I'm at my mom's. So I'll be here from here on out!
    I'm sure I'll definitely have it by tomorrow though! So I'll do my best to catch you on Tuesday.
    Ehe, thing is I asked about Mon-Fri because I don't actually have my 3DS charger on me. And it just happens that my 3DS is dead at the moment. Sorry about that. :(
    How's this upcoming week on Monday-Friday work for you? I'm usually up awake at noon or sometimes earlier. I definitely can do night times. Sorry for taking a few days to reply though! >.< But if worse comes to worse, I'll ask White Crow to trade you Ditto.
    Sorry I missed you yesterday. Believe it or not I slept 5am - 5pm est that day. But hopefully I'll be able to catch you soon.
    Oh no worries ^^ I am not in any rush, I will keep the ditto for when you can trade c: . But if you can trade now let me know.
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