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  • Darn...shouldnt three people be enough? Though Zack isn't the best roleplayer. I know him IRL, and his only reliable source of internet is on weekends. I let him in my rp a while back, and he sucked, kept giving one sentence posts, not caring about what other people posted, and horrible grammar. When I finally suspended him from the rp, he got pissed and kept saying he only sucked because he was in a rush. I told him that if he was in a rush not to post anything cause it would suck if he rushed it, than he started yelling that he was going to stop people from being in my rp.
    I guess their can be a Hyrbrid of the two combining the two with normal sized human with pointed ears who's fairly agile like an elf but has more magical potential then an elf but not as much as a Mage. PM me a paragraph detailing the race and i'll tell you what i think.
    I Guess that should of been Class, huh oh well. About Elves, i was focusing on the basis of Lord of the Rings and Psychics were suppossed to be more focussed on Divination and Wish Granting while Mages were more focused to Spells and Rituals.

    Regarding your first question, yeah, can have more then one character if you so choose.
    Sancticus has NEVER seen Annabelle. Annabelle sent her pokemon to fight him, and some of the lower Justice Crusaders to fight the grunts he gained. He still takes order via pokemon.
    Dude, you kind of overdid it with that description, cause...well you didn't even leave me a room to counter you just had Stephanie do everything.
    That's the other group, the one that's on Gourmet town and Tye's not even an enemy he's a Slayer. You get confused easily xD actually you're not the only one I don't know why people get confused so easily. Just read things correctly.
    No, when they step on the tile they are transported to a random level of the tower.
    You should read posts better, I never said that they were outside of the tower. In fact they've always been inside of the tower.
    Hi there. Oblivion here, doing a little...I guess you could call it a survey. Now, some of you might remember a fairly long-running RP series back in the day: A Different Kind Of Murder, run primarily by who is now called Flame_. I decided to take the formula of these RPs and rework it into a format that encourages both innovation, experimentation, and a storyline that the players can delve right into, if they so choose.

    ...however, upon posting the sign-up for the RP, it ended up fading out with an unceremonial whimper.

    Being a GM isn't part of my reputation. All of my attempts at creating and managing RPs have failed on varying levels. However, this RP in particular was one that I was very proud of, and call me stubborn if you wish, but I refuse to let all of the ideas I had in place go to waste like that.

    Now, the reason for me sending you this message in the first place is that I'm planning a revival of this RP. However, instead of trying to post the sign-up thread again, I'm going to be reworking it into a private RP with multiple people I know and trust...such as you.

    All I'm asking is that, if I were to go through with this plan, would you be willing to participate? The sign-up thread is over here if you need information. As I stated before, I had a surplus of ideas in place for this RP, and I hate not being able to do anything with ideas.
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