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  • Pretty much. (Though I admit I knew of that Crimea before the real one >_>)

    Thanks for the link, it's a beautiful place. The FE Crimea sorta resembles it in shape.
    Lucky, I wish I had one D: (along with the money to travel in the first place.)

    I imagine it would be expensive. (On a random note, whenever I hear of Crimea I think of the Fire Emblem series.)
    They just couldn't except the fact that it's uber awesome

    Bah, what the hell happened to your guys standards? Glorious Clone Army, yeah right :P

    So if you ever go visit those other countries you could get around pretty well then. Do you travel around a lot?

    And yay you got your Rocket button!
    You're welcome =)

    Thanks! My friends keep feeding my habit. Usually I just buy the games and DVDs, while friends buy me plushies, figurines, and cards ('cause I can't justify a need to buy them for myself. I don't play with them at all, I just think they look cool/cute.)

    Were they as bad as the ones in the US?

    =O You have your own blaster then? I hope you don't go to their marksman academy. They have some of the worst aiming in history, no offense to you of course.

    That's still awesome! I'm only able to speak English fluently D: I think I'm roughly 50% Polish with some Russian thrown in there too. Isn't Polish somewhat similar to Ukrainian? If you already have 4 languages under your belt I'm sure you could add two more to the list if you really wanted to =)
    Hope you get enough free time to accomplish your goal come winter =)

    No worries, I enjoyed your story. It's much more interesting than mine (been a fan of the show since I was 6, didn't realize there were videogames until I was 8, took a couple of breaks from the franchise, came back during the end of DP and here I am now. Over the years I've manged to amass quite of bit of Pokéjunk.) Like I said, much more interesting.

    I think it's better that Pokémon isn't as much of a fad now. At least now it's people who genuinely like it as opposed to fad followers.

    You're not from the Star Wars universe? ;_; So this means you have three languages down pat? That's awesome!
    Interesting. How far are you on this project?

    So nostalgia brought you back to Pokémon eh? I'd say that's part of the reason I'm still here xD I skirted other fandoms, but Pokémon is the only one I'm actually involved in.

    Hopefully we both stay healthy :D
    I'd like to hear more about this Total War translation. Is it a videogame or a book you're reading for school. you must have some free time if you're posting here :p

    Overall good. I think I'm starting to get a sore throat D:
    Go to User CP -> Group Memberships. Then join the TR Group. After you apply to join VM or PM Iron Masked Marauder and ask if you can join, since she's the one who handles that group. It'll help you get it a lot faster because then she knows to check the group applications.
    Haha, well thanks XD I'm glad you don't think I'm stupid. :3

    And I was SO waiting for someone to ask me that. XDD I live in America and I'm actually not Danish at all. Danish is just a nickname I got during my junior year of high school :3
    No no, don't worry about it XD I like hearing about how other people got into Pokemon, it's cool. Especially when they live in other countries (I mean, Russia? That is AWESOME)
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